Oscar Meyer

Oscar Meyer commented on Pair hurt in hit- and-run

No updates?Just goes to show blind people does drive vechicles?Probably texting,no license,ins,drugs,alcohol are pure devil in some.I never understood why someone would hit a human and keep going? Sad story.

Oscar Meyer commented on Trio charged in meth case

Alinka,just showing some brotherly love.[smile]

Oscar Meyer commented on Make a difference with a card

Oh I see.So nothing in the Marshall county area,cleansup,nor gift cards are kosher?
Where might I find some good honest work going on at?Seems dishonest runs all around these places?What is the problem you think,like of education,knowledge,greedy,self centered?That is sad news.Maybe mor…

Oscar Meyer commented on Workers get reimbursement for cleanup

Good ,maybe the highways will be safer,with all the blown out tires out of the way.Furniture,car parts ,dead animals,trash, meth portable bottles, etc,will any of that be removed if laying next to a blown tire?
Be careful workers on the roads.Some folks have no respect for folks working,…

Oscar Meyer commented on Albertville man charged with murder

Thank you guys for the complement.I needed that![beam]
JCarlosQ,if it sounds like a duck ,walks like a duck,then you must be a Red Neck[beam].If I grow up any more,I will be so old,just plant me with my buttocks face up,so the whole world can kiss my as*! LOL
Old Chief ,I wear idiot …

Oscar Meyer commented on Three arrested for domestic violence

Rose St ,lately,don't seem to Rosie?IS this the darker side of town ,the projects?
People just losing it all over the place?Albertville,Boaz,Guntersville,use to be the Happy Days Towns?What the hay is going on round here?Meth cooking,hit- run-drivers,ATV wrecks,bomb threat,baby killers,e…

I do like the post,quote" The car costs more than the house",Huh sounds like some I know,the big cadillac,hummer,top- of-the -line vechicle,pulls up in front of a portable size out house building, with street address 000 stuck on the wall,st name, Keeping up with the Jones St. LOL!…

Oscar Meyer commented on Boaz illegals arrested on meth charges

No ,it did not go over my head, sarcasm, or a joke, little on the slow side?I may have been born at night,but it was not last night.
No small blonde moment here.Maybe a gray senior moment![beam]
You guys make me thinks of a bunch ole squawking hens.LOL

Oscar Meyer commented on Albertville man charged with murder

Rock H,that sounds good ,charge her with rape,him with murder.They both go away.
If anyone did care about this baby in that circle ,I hope they do find peace.To bad someone did not,step in,try to save the baby,before this happened? Usually this is a pattern with a person, not just one ti…

What a sick killing?So Lee can still have a full life after serving 30 yrs.Let's see he will be in the 50's when released. So after parading,digging up,freezing this poor soul Stone,a over kill if I have ever heard of!These two disarranged persons,decided to bring the dead pry to the open.A…