Looks like Boaz finally did something right. 😀👍

This is why we need a lottery in Alabama, and casino gambling statewide.

Hey David, you need understand something ... those "Facebook warriors" you're insulting are also VOTERS with a wide reach. Enjoy your only term as Mayor. I feel sorry for the next Mayor that has to clean up your mess and try to save a bankrupt city. Get ready Boaz, another tax hike is jus…

Hey coach, you play football on grass, not on a sidewalk. If you have to punish anyone, do it on the field, tough guy. Just remember, those kids you're mistreating will soon be adults and they'll remember you.

David Dyer is bankrupting Boaz.

An incredible waste of taxpayer money. No city the size of Boaz has a park like this because those cities make better use of taxpayer money.

NOONE commented on Sardis man arrested for meth

35 years old? Try 69 years old.

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Enjoy your last term in office, David. It wasn't that long ago Tim Walker spearheaded a 1-cent tax increase "we don't really even need" to take us to 8% because "everyone around us" was increasing their tax rate. Now here you are forcing an increase on us instead of YOU b…

A Farmers Market needs to operate at least 3 days per week during peak season. What we gather on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday will not be fresh on Thursday. The only option is to take our produce to other markets while it is still fresh. Also, I hope serious discussion is held on the subject o…