Drug arrests? It's a shame these people don't have christ the savior in their life.

I think the murderer needs jesus. Because then he wouldn't be a murderer

Giving a definite number city by city would be nice.

So sad, not so side.

That was a nice article.. Mine passed away when I was 10 yrs. Old every Sunday we all took a ride out in the country to see her. When she died, I missed getting to visit her. Sundays without grandma was so side. May God bless you and yourfamily. Love Lisa Brown

May God bless you for the good your doing for the children within the community.

Well said taylor, your are asset to the smr.

God bless you.

Homemade is better than store bought.

Perhaps if both men had love in their hearts for god, and we're going to his house on sundays, this wouldn't have happened.

2nd paragraph, 7th line, 5th word should say chose instead of choose.