Albertville should hold a big balloon festival on the fourth of July with big red, white, and blue balloons to enjoy riding in.

The Boaz head coach. Isn't her name Carolyn instead of Harolyn? If so you need to let readers know in the next newspaper that comes out.

It would sometimes be good to read a devotional from a Pentecostal preacher at least maybe about every six weeks that way the other denominations are getting to do a devotion as well. Brother Chad Hallcox, and Bro. C.m. UpChurch are pentecostal preachers.

Orange slices, but never have tried Orange peel candy. And it sounds like your saying to go digital with the history books.

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Mr. Beck is also indispensable and is a much needed asset to the SMR.

Bill king is indispensable. He is a much needed asset to the SMR.

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Yes God wants Christians to be the oracles of God in their ministry.

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The bible says to love one another.

It's always good to hear about people and their hobbies.

They both need some Christian counseling, and prayer to help them do better, to help them get started going to church and to keep being faithful church attendants.