Christian movie to premiere in Boaz ­

“Brother’s Keeper” Executive Producer Steven Camp, left, talks with Boaz administrators about the making of the film at Mater’s Thursday night, beside Nate Fortner and actor Daniel Samonas.

A few cast and crew members from the unreleased independent film “Brother’s Keeper” paid a visit to Boaz High School this week, to promote their upcoming film premiere at Boaz 9 Cinema.

“Brother’s Keeper,” a Christian-based film delving into the philosophical topics of revenge and forgiveness, takes place in southwest Georgia in 1957, and follows the suspenseful journey of two orphaned twins battling a setup for murder.

Steven Camp, co-chairman of Desert Wind Films and executive producer of the “Brother’s Keeper” film, said he and Canadian-born actor Daniel Samonas, of Disney’s “Hannah Montana” and “Wizards of Waverly Place” and Nickelodeon’s “iCarly” fame, who plays Gordon, the antagonist in the movie, have been traveling the South over the past few weeks to promote their project.

Camp said the purpose of the duo’s press tour is in preparation of an 11-city limited release of the film at the beginning of next month, with a national release of around 150 cities planned for March of 2014, depending on how well it tests in select markets like Boaz.

Despite Camp’s assertion that a lot of people have been asking “Why Hollywood would involve Boaz?” in the planning stages of their film marketing, the executive producer has shrugged off the skepticism and said it was the kind of place he wanted to screen “Brother’s Keeper.”

“Boaz is the perfect small town population for the type Christian audience we’re seeking to reach with the message of this movie,” Camp said.

“Everyone, including pastors, local churches and the Boaz school system has been so welcoming to us and gracious in supporting the message of love and forgiveness in ‘Brother’s Keeper.’”

Throughout their time in Boaz, Camp and Samonas dined with Boaz art teacher Jeff Davis and theatre students at Mater’s Pizza and Pasta Emporium in Albertville, met for conversations with local educators and even took part in the school’s Friday afternoon pep rally in anticipation of attending BHS’ football matchup against Arab High School.

“Brother’s Keeper” is set to release on Nov. 1 in 10 other exclusive markets besides Boaz.

An autograph signing with Samonas is scheduled for 1-3 p.m.

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