The Marshall County School Board will lease a house to Supt. Cindy Wigley on the Douglas campus. It’s a temporary situation to provide Wigley housing in her home community while she recovers from an unusual house fire that took place last month.

Board President Brian Naugher recommended that the Marshall County Board of Education approve the contract agreement.“I move that the Board agree to lease property owned by the Marshall County Board of Education for commercially reasonable rent to be determined by an independent leasing company, and that Chief School Financial Officer Bob Hagood be authorized to effectuate this lease,” Naugher said to the board.

The Board concurred.

The property will be leased to Marshall County School Supt. Cindy Wigley and family.

“The Board is happy to offer this lease to Dr. Wigley and her family until they can get a dwelling set up,” President Naugher continued. “Dr. Wigley will pay to the Board commercially reasonable rent as determined by an independent leasing company. This arrangement benefits both parties as the Board will receive rental income on a property which would otherwise not be used and Dr. Wigley’s family will have a home during these difficult times.”

Dr. Wigley addressed the Board after the motion passed:

“Thank you very much. We appreciate it so much. I’m thankful to be closer to my parents,” she said.

The property is close to Douglas High School.

Other news during the meeting included the approval of new hire, Ashley Baker, teacher at Douglas Elementary School, effective Jan. 3rd, 2022.

The next Marshall County School Board meeting will be announced at a later date.

2022-2023 school calendar approved

Teachers in the county schools will go back on August 1 this summer whiles classes start for students on Aug. 9 in the 2022-23 school calendar adopted by the County School Board at a recent meeting.

The calendar adopted by the Board is the calendar faculty and staff recommended in a vote that got 62 percent over another option.

Key dates for students are:

Aug. 9 – Return to school

Sept. 6 – Labor Day holiday

Oct. 10-14 – Fall break

Nov. 11 – Veterans Day

Nov. 21-25 – Thanksgiving break

Dec. 19-Jan. 2 - Christmas break

Jan. 4 – Return to school

Jan. 16 – MLK Jr. Day

Feb. 20 – Presidents’ Day

 March 27-31 – Spring break

April 7 – Good Friday/Teacher “flex” day

May 29 – Memorial Day

The total student days are 177, while total staff days are 187.

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