For those struggling with addiction, support from others can mean the difference between progress and relapse. That’s why the Recovery Organization of Support Specialists (ROSS) was formed to advocate, empower and collaborate for any individual seeking recovery.

ROSS is the first peer-run agency in Alabama, with outreach programs in 43 counties across the state, now including Marshall County. All of the agency’s certified peers are individuals in recovery from a substance use disorder, which ROSS said give them the experience to better connect with people struggling with addiction.

“At the end of the day, what we do as peers is love people to a better life,” director of marketing for ROSS, Mark Litvine said. “We know what it’s like to have been through recovery.”

At ROSS recovery community centers, individuals come and go as they like and choose to either attend a support group, engage in social activities, fill out online job applications or help to build their resume. Litvine said the center is a safe, supportive and fun environment for the people to be in as a place to go for the holidays, to watch a game or share a meal.

“We started ROSS to reach the people who fall through the cracks and all of our services are free of charge,” Litvine said. “Through our non-clinical supportive services, we provide hope, assistance, guidance, understanding and encouragement to the individuals we serve across Alabama.”

The Marshall County ROSS center is located at 1280 U.S. Highway 431 Suite B. in Boaz and is open seven days a week from 9 a.m.-9p.m. Though its opening this year was delayed due to COVID-19, Litvine said the center has been helping around 1,000 people per month in various ways.

The center has a medicated assisted recovery support group, an anger management support group, a professional group, a youth night and much more. We also provide 12-step and spiritual support groups. Saturday is Game Day for family and friends. The building offers a computer lab, a support group room, a kitchen area, recreational and arcade games and a lounge area for sporting events.

“We’re trying to serve our community the best we know how,” Michael Baker, agency director in Marshall County, told The Reporter. “It’s about whatever you need as an individual… It’s amazing how people in the county have stepped up to help. It takes a village, and we have the right village”

In addition to in-person support, ROSS established the first statewide 24/7 helpline at 844-307-1760. All calls are confidential and are with a certified recovery support specialist.

For more information about ROSS in Marshall County or to seek support, call 256-281-9008 or email.

“The team at ROSS Marshall County is amazing,” Baker said. “In times of COVID and the substance use epidemic, we find ourselves in this really is a safe haven for the people that we serve and is located right here in Marshall County… If you see anyone struggling, send them our way.”

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