Albertville police are continuing to investigate a shooting that occurred Thursday afternoon when a suspect was reportedly shot and killed by officers during a domestic violence call.

More than a dozen police cruisers were parked along Terri Circle and Lucky Street around 3 p.m. Thursday as officers probed the crime scene in the 1100 block of Terri Circle. 

Several officers from Albertville, the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office and the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency Special Bureau of Investigation responded for backup.

Albertville Police Chief J.T. “Butch” Cartee said late Thursday afternoon the investigation was still unfolding, and the scene was still active.

Yellow crime scene tape was strung between the alleged victim’s home and a home across the street as detectives and officers combed the area for evidence.

Neighbor Hannah Hilley said she was bringing her daughter home from school when she was forced to wait to enter the neighborhood by police. 

Upon arrival at her home a short time later, she said her teenage son who had already arrived at home earlier said the victim’s body was laying in the carport of the home next door. 

“You expect to see something like this on TV,” she said. “You’d never expect to come home to it in your own neighborhood.”

She said the alleged victim was a friendly, talkative man who never caused trouble in the neighborhood. 

“We’ve been living here about a year and never had any trouble,” she said. “It’s a nice neighborhood. The police are never out here.

“It’s just crazy to come home to this.”

Cartee said no other injuries were reported during the incident and additional information may be released Friday afternoon.

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