Amanda Conn

Amanda Conn

Dear Jairus,

Were you upset when Jesus stopped on his way to your home? You had fallen at His feet to plead with Him to come and heal your daughter, but He paused when He felt power go out from Him to heal that woman.

She didn’t come seeking attention, so He could have just kept walking with you to keep your daughter from dying. But He didn’t...He stopped.

Maybe He would have made it in time if He had hurried like you wanted. Maybe your family wouldn’t have had to experience the fear and sadness that death brings. Maybe He could have given you the miracle you longed for...but He was late.

But He gave you something else.

He gave you the chance to see His heart for people who feel like outcasts.

He gave you the chance to see what the faith of just getting close to Him can do. He gave you the chance to see Life conquer death.

I am truly sorry for all of the negative that you had to face that day, but I just want to thank you for being a father who relentlessly sought Jesus for his child. You knew the One to go to, and you fell at His feet on behalf of your daughter.

Wow. How much we can learn from you today!

Your story – your loss and ultimate victory – have become a testimony of what the Lord can do in each of our lives. The way He came with you to your house. The way His timing wasn’t yours.

The way He didn’t give up hope...even when you might have.

Thank you for the testimony of overwhelming joy after walking through an overwhelming storm. I read of your faith and am encouraged.

This lets me know that what I go through may perhaps encourage someone else.

I have fallen at the feet of the same Jesus.

I have wondered about His timing myself.

I have felt like He actually allowed the pain I wanted Him to stop.

But then, I have also felt His joy swallow up that pain in a way that blows my mind.

Thank you again,

Another one in the crowd at Jesus’ feet.

Amanda Conn has been a member of The River Church of God for more than 20 years, involved in several different ministries. She also works at Industrial Rental in Guntersville. She is the wife of Jeff Conn and mother to Jayden and Avery.

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