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Construction is under way at Asbury High School on a new lobby, two classrooms and an addition to the cafeteria that will add almost 100 seats.

ASBURY — Lee Builders of Huntsville has launched a construction project at Asbury High School that includes classrooms, an addition to the cafeteria and a new lobby.

“We’re getting two new classrooms at the high school, and they’re being built on front of the current high school building,” said Asbury Principal Clay Webber.

“We’re going to have another lobby with a set of security doors … it’s just making the entrance more secure. If somebody’s coming and they want to drop something off, there’ll be a dropoff window and they don’t have to fully enter the school. They have to be buzzed in twice. Just a more secure front entrance where we can handle more visitors.

“They’re also adding almost 100 seats to the cafeteria dining room. That will give us about a 600-seat cafeteria.”

The cafeteria serves both Asbury High School and Asbury Elementary.

Webber said the best-case scenario for having construction completed is by the end of August.

“They’ve been looking at all of our needs here because our enrollment is growing,” Webber said of the Marshall County Board of Education. “We’ve got [grades] 6 through 12 on this side. We’re just growing so much. Originally when they started they were a 1A school, then they were a 2A school and now we’re a 3A school. If our numbers continue to grow by whenever they do the next count, who knows if we would be possibly a 4A.”

Under the AHSAA’s reclassification for 2022-24, Asbury is the fourth largest Class 3A school with an average daily enrollment of 284.05. New Hope is the smallest 4A school at 286.5.

In addition to the new construction, Webber said the Marshall County Board of Education will be setting up portable classrooms on the Asbury campus this summer. Asbury Elementary is getting three portables, featuring two classrooms each, while the high school is getting a couple classrooms.

“We’re just doing the best we can to adjust with the growing enrollment,” Webber said. “A lot of people don’t realize how large our area is that we serve. We pick up students all the way behind the Walmart in Boaz to all the way to Langston.”

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