A dog owned by a Guntersville woman at the center of a dog bite case will be euthanized. 

Marshall County Circuit Court Judge Chris Abel issued a ruling Monday based on testimony heard during a bench trial Friday. 

In his ruling, Abel said Havoc – owned by Valina Jackson – attacked Teri Angel on Sept. 17 inside Jackson’s home without provocation, and that attack was “a continuous attack that likely would have continued but for Valina Jackson being able to eventually stop the attack.” The injuries Angel sustained “were severe, however, the Court is reasonably satisfied would have been worse” had the attack not been stopped.”

Abel deemed Havoc to be a “dangerous dog” that caused “severe injuries to the head and arms of Teri Lynn Angel.”

Abel ordered Havoc to be humanely euthanized as soon as any post-trial appeals expire. The dog will remain impounded in the custody of Guntersville Animal Hospital and Jackson will reimburse the city of Guntersville for all costs and expenses of impounding, feeding and caring or treating Havoc.

Abel heard the trial after receiving a motion in early January to expedite a trail involving Havoc from Jackson and Guntersville City Prosecutor Kelsey Yost.

For the complete story and details from Friday’s testimony, see Wednesday’s edition of The Reporter.

Case background  

On Sept. 17, Angel visited Jackson at her home in Guntersville. After she entered the home, she was greeted by an apparently playful Havoc, who brought her one of his toys, she said. However, in an instant, Havoc reportedly attacked Angel, tearing off part of her scalp and leaving deep bite marks in her arms. Angel was taken to the hospital by a friend to have her wounds treated. 

A court hearing was held on Oct. 20 in Guntersville Municipal Court to determine the dog’s fate. 

Marshall County Animal Control Supervisor Kevin Hooks reportedly testified that, after giving the dog four tests, he did not believe it to be dangerous or vicious. 

Sometime during the following night, Havoc was stolen from the Marshall County Animal Shelter. According to Hooks, the fence where the dog was being kept had been cut. 

Jackson was arrested Nov. 3 along with two other suspects in connection to the dog going missing from the shelter. She and the other two suspects — Kevin Dewayne Allison, Jr., 30, of Albertville; and Richard Tyler Johnson, 27, of Albertville — were charged with obstructing governmental operations, third-degree criminal trespass and third-degree criminal mischief. Though Judge Mitchell expressed frustration at Jackson’s alleged behavior, any potential criminal actions by Jackson before, during or after the attack on Sept. 17 would be the subject of a separate trial. 

On Nov. 10, Judge Mitchell issued his ruling that Havoc was to be humanely euthanized barring a successful appeal from Jackson. At that time, Jackson was uncertain whether or not she would pursue an appeal. However, last week, she reportedly requested to appeal the case in front of a jury.

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Under “Case Background” it should read

“Havoc reportedly attacked ANGEL..” not “attacked Jackson”…

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