Dear Editor,

For the county commission to declare that Shin Point Road is a private road, is a misstatement of fact. It is the only avenue the people have to a paved county road, and it has been used by the general public for more than 20 years, without hindrance. 

That, along with a deed of right of way, absolutely makes it a public road.

The county claims it is a private road, then it is up to them to show the road being used by the public was against the owners intent.

There is a court case that 27 years ago says it was private, but time has changed the status of the road. The property is a division of land that was sold without restriction, not a subdivision as the county claims.

Not fixing this road is a human travesty like we have not seen in this county before.

Joel Kennamer


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I agree with Mr. Kennamer. If anything, the Commission has been malfeasant in its duties to serve more than the private hunting and fishing enterprises with paved roads and clean water. The Shin Point Road issue is what made me get into running for elected office. Shin Point Road is the tip of the Marshall County Commission's malfeasance iceberg, in my opinion.

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