The boys and girls head coaches in Marshall County have selected the 2023 All-Marshall County Soccer Team.


Co-Most Valuable Player: Lanie Willis and Nahomi Mendoza

Offensive Player of the Year: Reese Hallmark

Defensive Player of Year: Fabiana Bartolomé

First team

Lanie Willis, senior, Guntersville

Ashley Ziesset, junior, Guntersville

Ana Mendoza, senior, Albertville

Nahomi Mendoza, junior, Albertville

Reese Hallmark, senior, Arab

Jillian Grisham, senior, Arab

Monica Roman, senior, Boaz

Fabiana Bartolomé, junior, Boaz

Valeria Cruz, sophomore, Douglas

Lezlie Conriquez, senior, Douglas

Second team

Sadie Carroll, freshman, Albertville

Yahaira Quintino, junior, Albertville

Emma Stanley, junior, Guntersville

Ella Willis, eighth grade, Guntersville

Aidan Watts, senior, Arab

Brionna Cox, freshman, Arab

Araceli Gómez, junior, Boaz

Star Salazar, sophomore, Boaz

Guadalupe Negrete, eighth grade, Douglas

Arisbeth Munoz, eighth grade, Douglas


Most Valuable Player: AJ Shumate

Offensive Player of Year: Nico Motoa

Defensive Player of Year: Edwin Vasquez

First team

AJ Shumate, sophomore, Guntersville

JB Bankole, senior, Guntersville

Hunter Leak, senior, Arab

Jon Loden, freshman, Arab

Edwin Vasquez, senior, Albertville

Leo Juarez, senior, Albertville

Santiago Conriquez, freshman, Douglas

Oliver Chilel, senior, Douglas

Nico Motoa, senior, Boaz

Jose Arreguin, sophomore, Boaz

Second team

Hunter Morton, sophomore, Guntersville

Elysee Laguerre, sophomore, Guntersville

Evan Grimmett, senior, Arab

Austin Holdcraft, senior, Arab

Laureano Zurita, senior, Albertville

Oscar Perez, sophomore, Albertville

Esteban Cruz Jaimes, junior, Douglas

Jesus Piñeda, senior, Douglas

Osiel Bello, senior, Boaz

Angel Contreras, senior, Boaz

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