The Albertville tag office is located in the Crossroads Mall, in Albertville. 

An early morning break-in at the Marshall County Probate Office’s Albertville location caused delays in service Monday morning.

Marshall County Probate Judge Andrea LeCroy said the break-in occurred overnight Sunday and was discovered early Monday morning when employees arrived to open for business.

Little was taken by the suspect and nothing was heavily damaged, she said.

“I’m glad everyone was safe and no one was hurt,” LeCroy said Monday. “I’m glad what happened was relatively minor. I just can’t believe anyone would do something like that.”

LeCroy said the suspect was seen on video surveillance inside the tag offices for about five minutes.

LeCroy emphasized no personal information was compromised in the break-in.

“The suspect would never have had access to anything personal,” LeCroy said.

“All personal information is kept on the computers. Checks are kept at the Guntersville Courthouse location. We don’t keep any type of information printed out and left laying around.”

Albertville Police Chief Jamie Smith said the suspect was arrested at about 1 a.m. Monday after he was spotted milling around a dumpster in the Crossroads Mall parking lot.

“He had a warrant out for his arrest,” Smith said. “But he had stuff in his pockets from inside the tag office.”

LeCroy said the thief took complimentary envelopes offered for the public’s use in storing important papers, deposit slips and a Bluetooth speaker belonging to an employee.

He allegedly unplugged computers and threw papers around the office, but didn’t break anything, nor did he damage any equipment, LeCroy said.

 “I’m so glad it was not worse than what it was,” she said. “It was a lot of mess. We delayed opening Monday morning so we could get out IT guys out to reset the computer system and make sure everything was working properly.

“We put up a sign that we were closed due to computer issues.”

Smith said the suspect gained entry through a side door. LeCroy said the suspect pried open a side door to an adjoining office and then made it into the tag office.

“He apparently had a laptop he took from another office on him,” LeCroy said. “I’m guessing we weren’t the only office he broke into.”

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