A dog that attacked a woman in Guntersville last month has gone missing from the Marshall County Animal Shelter under what appear to be criminal circumstances.

According to Guntersville City prosecutor Kelsey Yoste, the dog, which she described as a pit bull mix, went missing sometime last week late Wednesday or early Thursday following a hearing at Guntersville Municipal Court, which was held to determine whether or not the animal needed to be euthanized. 

She said the shelter showed signs of forced entry and that the dog was still missing as of Tuesday morning. Marshall County Animal Control Supervisor Kevin Hooks confirmed to The Reporter that part of the shelter’s fence had been cut and that the dog was still missing. No other animals were taken or missing, he said.

Though the September attack occurred in within the Guntersville City limits, the dog had been placed at the Marshall County Animal Shelter at the owner’s request, Yoste said. The owner also requested Hooks testify on her behalf to keep her dog from being euthanized.

Yoste said Judge Shannon Mitchell, who is presiding over the case, has yet to make a decision on the dog’s fate. As to its whereabouts, a report has been filed with the Marshall County Sheriff’s office, and the apparent break-in is still under investigation, Hooks said.

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In the US a pit bull kills a person an average of once every twelve days. They are weapons that can pull their own trigger.


Please cite your source for that statistic.

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