Last week in my column, I wrote about how much I enjoy Christmas, and this week I got to meet someone who shares my love of Christmas.

I received a call earlier in the week from Donna Camp about her sister-in-law, Jackie Scott. She said Jackie had decked out her home for the holidays and it was something I needed to see.

On Wednesday morning, Brittney, our photographer, and I went to see Jackie’s home. Both Jackie and her husband, David, warmly welcomed us into their home.

You cannot begin to imagine how beautifully Jackie had decorated each room of her home.

As I walked from room to room, I felt the magic of Christmas in each room and it was truly a delight for a Christmas lover like me.

I want to thank Donna for calling me, and Jackie and David for welcoming us into their home. It was truly a magical visit, and I am glad I got to meet a fellow Christmas lover. We will have some pictures and an article about Jackie’s home in an upcoming edition of The Reporter.

I also want to encourage everyone to practice a little extra kindness and patience as we rush about this holiday season.

I understand it is frustrating waiting in long lines in retail stores, but let’s try not to take it out on those around us. Let’s try to remember that everyone we meet is special to someone, and try to treat them the way we would want them to treat our family members. Let’s remember the true reason for the season, and make sure we are applying the golden rule to everyone we meet each day.

Kim Patterson is publisher of The Sand Mountain Reporter. She can be contacted at kpatterson@sandmountainreporter­.com.

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