Clear Creek Golf Club in Boaz, formerly Boaz Golf Club, enjoyed a successful first club championship under new owners Tony King and Ray Amberson.

The tournament took place Aug. 24-25 and featured 59 golfers in four flights.

Nathan Hubbard shot a 4-under-par 140 to be crowned club champion. He fired a 68 in the opening round and a 72 in the final round.

Mason Dennis finished as the runner-up while Dalton Casey came in third in the championship flight.

Scottie Tarvin received the Elmo Kramer Award for being the most improved from Saturday to Sunday. He opened with a 99 and improved by 16 strokes to an 83 in the final round.

“We had a great turnout,” said Trey Hodgens, the general manager of Clear Creek Golf Club. “I’ve been here, I think this is my fifth summer, and this is the biggest one I’ve ever done.

“The change in ownership helped out a lot. People are seeing we’re doing a lot more stuff out here. We’ve got someone willing to invest in the golf course and make it what I’ve always known it to be, a good golf course.

“The top three places in the championship flight all shot under par and I’ve never had that, which goes to show you the great shape the course is in. It’s playing real well, and the greens are rolling real good.

“We got rid of a lot of dead trees and stumps. It’s just playing a lot better now, a lot more cleaner.”

Results from each flight were:


Nathan Hubbard, 68-72—140

Mason Dennis, 66-76—142

Dalton Casey, 73-70—143

Nathan Protz, 72-72—144

Mark Reeves, 72-73—145

Andrew Giles, 75-73—148

Logan Hubbard, 73-76—149

Mike Little, 74-75—149

Dustin Underwood, 72-77—149

Michael Blackmon, 71-79—150

Morton Hodgens, 75-75—150

Roger Patterson, 73-77—150

Cory Reeves, 74-77—151

Jacob Morgan, 73-78—151

Dylan Parrish, 72-81—153

Derek Epperson, 74-81-155


Brad Baird, 76-72—148

Phillip Amberson, 78-77—155

Frankie Leeth, 77-79—156

Mike Casey, 77-79—156

Tony King, 78-78—156

Greg Pate, 76-81—157

Josh Reeves, 77-80—157

Johnny Willis, 77-80—157

John Reeves, 76-82—158

Phillip Seay, 78-80—158

Clay Allen, 76-84—160

Ray Amberson, 77-84—161

Jeremiah Patterson, 78-83—161

Everette Protz, 77-88—165

Leeth won third place on a scorecard playoff with Casey and King.


Daily Thomas, 82-67—149

Terry O’Donnell, 80-71—151

Will Farley, 80-71—151

Ryan Blackmon, 82-73—155

Brien Phillips, 80-76—156

Mikey Bradberry, 82-76—158

Jake Coville, 80-78—158

James Reeves, 79-82—161

David Young, 80-81—161

Joel Cobb, 80-82—162

Jeff Sanders, 82-80—162

Conney Stracener, 83-81—164

Steven Schwantes, 82-85—167

David Smith, 84-83—167

Darryl Parrish, 83-86—169

Drew Epperson, 86-84—170

Jeff Scott, 84-89—173

O’Donnell won second place by beating Farley in a scorecard playoff.


Kyle Rosenbauer, 90-76, 166

Richie Lane, 88-82—170

Red Jackson, 87-84—171

Tim Smith, 88-84—172

Jeff Richards, 87-87—174

Casey Jones, 93-84—177

Truman May, 89-89—178

Scottie Tarvin, 99-83—182

Chris Alexander, 91-95—186

Jon Barnes, 97-92—189

Tommy Tanner, 96-98—194

Tyler Beard, 104-99—203

“The participation from the members has been phenomenal,” Hodgins said. “Without participation, you can’t have tournaments like this. Every tournament we had this summer we had record numbers of people play. It’s unreal the response we’ve gotten.

“We’ve had members sacrifice their time to come out here and mow, help aerify the greens, water and cut trees down. All our members are second to none. I couldn’t ask for more support than I’ve been given.

“I want to thank the members, the pro shop staff and the grounds crew. We’re all a big family up here and everybody chips in. Without all the help, this place would not even be here.”

Clear Creek Golf Club was built in the 1950s. There is water on three holes and no bunkers. The fairways are generous, and there are four sets of tees on each hole. It offers Bermuda greens and fairways. Carts are available and walkers are welcome.

Contact Hodgens at 256-593-5501 for more information or tee times.

“It’s always been a great place to come,” Hodgens said. “It’s not been one of those button-up collar kind of places.

“It’s a course you can go out and play relatively good at and not have it kick your butt. All ranges of golfers could play this course and have a good time.”

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