Marshall County finals

Jordan Rogers of Guntersville serves during the varsity Marshall County Tournament finals at Supreme Courts in Guntersville. Brindlee Mountain hosted the event, which once again featured all eight high schools.

Jimmy Latta took over as Guntersville’s head volleyball coach in 2008.

He’s guided the Wildcats to eight Marshall County Tournament championships, including the last two.

Latta’s team defeated DAR in the quarterfinals, Arab in the semifinals and Albertville in the finals to claim the 2018 title Oct. 4 at Supreme Courts in Guntersville.

Brindlee Mountain hosted the tournament, which reunited the four city school teams and the four Marshall County School System teams in the same tournament after a brief break from that traditional format.

“I am really thankful that all of the county and city schools were together again and under one roof with so many courts,” Latta said. “It was a fantastic venue, with screams and roars echoing all across the facility.

“I’m thankful the administrators and athletic directors from all school systems allowed this tournament to happen.

“The kids were all on a big stage for at least four matches, and it was fun just being around the fans of all the schools in Marshall County.

“We are blessed to live and work in such a fine part of the state.”

Marshall County Tournament champions since 1990 are:

1990, Douglas

1991, Douglas

1992, Albertville

1993, Albertville

1994, Douglas

1995, Arab

1996, Arab

1997, Arab

1998, Arab

1999, Arab

2000, Arab

2001, Guntersville

2002, Guntersville

2003, Guntersville

2004, Guntersville

2005, Guntersville

2006, Guntersville

2007, Guntersville

2008, Guntersville

2009, Guntersville

2010, Guntersville

2011, Guntersville

2012, Guntersville

2013, Guntersville

2014, Arab

2015, Arab

2016, Albertville

2017, Guntersville

2018, Guntersville

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