Dear Editor:

My ultimate vision and “Ace in the Hole” is the following:

1. As a resident of Boaz, I think it would behoove Mayor Dyar to think beyond the borders of an economic-centric point of view in what Boaz has to offer, and might consider partnering with Sardis City, Albertville, Guntersville and any other townships to promote economic development and a wonderful life fulfilled on living on Sand Mountain, as a united front because our cities collectively, in reality, no know boundaries. What a united front that could be! No more infighting, no more, our city is better than yours ... because each community has a myriad of offerings to people who want to not only visit, but plant roots in our community or establish seasonal homes and businesses here. There is so much to share.

2. My personal vision is that Sand Mountain is quite a unique and beautiful spot in which MANY incoming companies could exist and thrive IF ONLY we could incorporate all of the great ideas of each of our wonderful cities, tout their greatest achievements and offerings into one consolidated mold as the “Sand Mountain Economic Development Alliance” that would equally benefit all of our communities simultaneously, no matter where on Sand Mountain the incoming citizens, businesses, and tourists decided to “set up shop” or “spend their vacation dollars”.

3. How much money each of our small towns seriously expends (or even considers) in developing its own economical base, is a figure that I simply do not know. But I DO KNOW that if we team together as a united front, promoting each of our independent offerings as an integrated whole, this alone could attract a substantial amount of new economic development and tourism in which to capitalize business and residences for all of the communities on Sand Mountain. As a result, all the communities on Sand Mountain would benefit, no matter what the offering - sports, entertainment, relaxation, seasonal get-away, permanent residence, expanded business, repairing/expanding infrastructure, harvesting natural resources, farming sustainability, etc.. Each township has its own unique offerings that could be promoted and incorporated as a whole into Sand Mountain’s economic development base.

4. It boils down to a simple matter of fact of communities working together to boost each other’s economy. In doing so, we collectively promote our own individual, autonomous economy.

5. In addition, I believe that Boaz could represent the forefront of the city of the future by incorporating all of the suggestions that I describe in my original email. A new water park, a new gym, new restaurants, a new whatever falls so short of what could be done to improve the Boaz infrastructure to be a cutting-edge technology example of the future of possibilities. Self-sustaining power, self-sustaining water supply, self-sustaining recycle-ability, recycle-able energy, using technology to reduce its citizens’ every-day cost of living while promoting a healthy, sustainable environment – that is what I am describing. Boaz could be the quintessential model for the rest of Sand Mountain to model. Let us get a vision for the future and get off the purse-strings of trying to attract new commerce on the latest greatest theme-park or whatever tax cuts/evasions we can offer to allure new business and be a beacon of how the future needs to unfold to help sustain a growing community (with limited natural resources) using modern technology as the ultimate solution.

6. Lastly, I would recommend that all of the communities on Sand Mountain unite to promote economic development as a united front so that each community could benefit from the other. Let us share the spotlight and economic wealth as we attract new visitors, businesses, and residents to Sand Mountain who can ultimately contribute to our symbiotic tax base so that we all can benefit and lead a more magnanimous life on Sand Mountain and be proud of the natural resources we have to share along with the economic benefits that each town/township has to offer. No more ... our city charges 8% tax while another city charges 9% tax. Let us merge the thinking to figure out what affects that tax base collectively so that everyone enjoys and agrees upon the improvements of what the tax(es) can do to improve our quality of life, while also sharing the burden of what taxation causes each individual tax payer.

Thanks for listening to my views and I sincerely hope that our Sand Mountain community can reach a strategic alliance to support our current and future infrastructure and quality of life. Sand Mountain has so much to offer and together we can be a Beacon of Light for the rest of America! We are truly an undiscovered treasure! Together we can become so much more than our individual selves and communities.

Here’s to the newly proposed “Sand Mountain Economic Development Alliance!”

Josette Kool


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