Dear Editor:

It looks to me as if some of our cities and the county are not following the law as it relates to paving projects.

In 1947 the code was updated and “repairs and maintenance to roads” was omitted from the public works law. Some time, at least before 2011, the statute was redone to include repairs and maintenance to roads (paving) in the public works law.

What happened was the entity would take bids at the beginning of the fiscal year for supplies (asphalt in place) and would do all their paving on that bid. That is not lawful anymore.

The statute requires all “projects” over $50,000 be competitively and cannot be split up to avoid the $50,000 requirement, and I believe some entities are still using the old way, thus allowing a contractor to get millions in projects without competitively bidding.

Joel Kennamer


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