Dear Mayor Dyar:

I recently saw an article in The Sand Mountain Reporter dated Thursday, July 25, 2019, seeking a citizen’s vision for the future of Boaz. May I please add my contribution to the City’s “vision”.

With a surname like “Dyar”, I am sure that you realize your relatives’ success in bringing a unique and distinct atmosphere in commerce to our humble city has been an extraordinary one.

For Boaz’s future, may I suggest the vision that Boaz increase the scope of its economic development to include touting Boaz as a place where visitors can experience and stay near such scenic explorations such as nearby Cathedral Caverns, the Lake Guntersville annual Hydro-Race, the wonderful hiking trails and beautiful beach of Lake Guntersville, the unique shopping boutiques in Boaz and near by surrounding communities, as well as the many dining opportunities in Boaz to satisfy any taste from seafood to sushi (including the surrounding restaurants such as Catfish Cabin in Albertville, the Sushi restaurant in Guntersville, and Chinese buffet in Boaz).

In my marketing research, there is nothing that touts “Sand Mountain” as a whole and this is where I believe Boaz can make a major contribution. We can tag on to all of the wonderful offerings that NE Alabama has to offer, while emphasizing what Boaz, in particular, has to offer during a tourist’s stay in the area.

By capitalizing on local area events and restaurants, this would draw additional people to our town to experience more local offerings. This would include additional advertising towards key areas around the United States, outside the current boundaries of local advertising, such as New York, Chicago, Denver, Lost Angeles, San Francisco, Atlanta, Miami, etc.

I envision Boaz as an extension of everything that the NE region of Alabama has to offer and feel that by expanding Boaz’s offerings to go beyond the City’s borders/limits would be an excellent adjunct to booking hotel rooms, along with the obvious amenities, which would attract more industry to our great city!

The current web page ( doesn’t really tout the benefits of visiting Boaz and only generically describes what any town in America can provide. It needs to be revised to include all of the reasons why any new commerce might want to move here or any tourist might want to come here; what makes Boaz a place to “BE”, and why they can make a ton of money by having a business here.

The incentive for future growth has to be about “why” America’s retailers want to come to Boaz, AL. We’ve seen too many start-up business set up and fail in the market today, Currently, the web site doesn’t excite major retailers to want to come here!

Without the personal touch of recruiting such retailers only hinders Boaz’s retail opportunities and taxation opportunities for helping to offset our dire need for street improvements, potable water systems, local police funding, and local fire department funding; not to mention local sewage funding; we need more businesses to help offset local taxes.

I think it would be idealistic if you could possibly envision, and look into, Boaz as a town of the future by considering how to utilize technology to provide solar housing, electric vehicles, natural. sustainable living, and reducing pollutants in the environment. The Boaz Walmart has already moved into this century by providing personal shoppers for grocery pick-up, thereby making it more convenient to shop there (even though I personally do not like big box stores).

I also think it would be a good idea to provide a quarterly newsletter to Boaz residents on how their tax-paying dollars have helped to improve the City and its infrastructure. This would help promote a sense of being involved in local government and not so much being angry at having to pay an addition one cent tax to cover “whatever” infrastructures expenses.

I think it would be a great idea to send a monthly newsletter to Boaz residents on exactly what the City of Boaz has done to improve our quality of life. Taxation without representation is always a bad idea. So I think that if you tell our citizens what is being done with our taxpaying dollars would be of great benefit and folks would not be so “reluctant” to be forced to pay additional taxes.

I think Boaz should promote sustainability by helping residents to take advantage of federal tax benefits by installing solar electric, water heaters that promote better efficiency, heating/air conditioning that has a refundable tax credit for more energy efficient housing, etc. A City government that looks out for its residents bodes well in my book! (as I’m sure as many here in Boaz).

It is time for the Boaz government to become deeply and sensitively involved in the lives of its residents and local businesses to look at what helps them to benefit from not only being in Boaz, but as a business that strives, and is, successful because it offers an unpresented services which serves to make the business more successful and sustainable.

Thank you so much for listening to my views on how to make Boaz a “town of the future”.

Josette Kool


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