Dear Editor:

As I read the May 28 paper, I see that Commissioner Kelley, of District 3, is once again being objective to the changing of the way purchase orders and bids are done. There is an old saying, “When there is smoke on the horizon there’s got to be a little fire somewhere.”

If you’re upfront with our tax dollars, you should have no problem with another set of eyes and hands on the purchase orders or bid process.

Just because a vendor is on the bottom of the ladder and their name is not well known doesn’t mean they can’t supply a good quality product at a lower cost. It could save the tax payers quite a bit of money.

I hope all the other commissioners will stand firm and vote this in. It’s time everyone was held accountable for our tax dollars and made sure they are being spent wisely.

As the 2020 elections get closer, I think we should look back at the platform the late Euclid Rains ran on. “A new broom sweeps cleaner.”

Let’s get a new broom and start sweeping some of our county offices clean.

Let’s elect people that want to do the job they run for. People that will take your calls when you call and not have their assistants screen them and tell you they are not in when indeed you know that they are.

We need our tax money spent in a way that we get the most out of it.

Big name companies or individuals are not always the only people with the best products or the most reasonable prices.

Leon Latham


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