The Reporter asked ...

How do you feel about the possibility of an additional tag fee in

Marshall County?

14.5% said: “It’s a good idea for school funding.”

40.9% said: “I think we already pay enough for tags.”

10.1% said: “It would be a good idea if we weren’t already having to more with the gas tax.”

6.9% said: “It doesn’t affect me.”

13.8% said: “I think it’s a bad idea.”

13.8% said: “I need more information on the subject.”

– – –

“Look at all those angry faces. Nobody gives a [expletive] about their community anymore. They want big gov to pay for it all while they sit on their thumbs and talk about how sorry the people are around them. You’d think we would see more people homesteading and homeschooling with this kind of attitude.” – Dana Williams Laney

“No. If we didn’t have so many school systems in this county and so many administrations to pay for we might have extra money for things like this.” – Kathleen Rice

“No more TAX.... We pay enough now. Divide between the 5 equally as has been said.” – Marie Zweck

“I would gladly pay a tag fee for the county schools. Since hearing about how the tax money is handled, I’ve moved everything I can to buying in Douglas. I live near the Dollar General at Highpoint and I can’t make myself go unless it’s an emergency. As a Douglas supporter that cringes at the thought of sending my children to a city school, I understand that the money has to come from somewhere. Is the system fair? No way!!! However, we spend $20 or more eating out or buying things that we don’t need....I would gladly pay that to provide safety for my children and it’s providing jobs. I’d be proud to pay it!” – Crystal Batten Tims

What do YOU think?

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