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Boaz mayor presents recreation concept to residents

Posted: Wednesday, October 3, 2012 5:01 pm | Updated: 5:04 pm, Wed Oct 3, 2012.

Boaz Mayor Tim Walker unveiled the vision for a multimillion-dollar regional recreation concept during a public presentation Monday at Fielder Auditorium on the Snead State campus.

Titled “The Game Changer,” the 48-slide presentation detailed the project for an estimated 200-plus residents in attendance.

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  • boaz resident posted at 10:33 am on Sun, Oct 7, 2012.

    boaz resident Posts: 53

    i would tend to agree about the bass pro shops idea. The only problem with retail around here, though, is a big problem for the area. Walk around here sometime, go to Walmart, Ymart, anywhere. Look at people's phones. Almost everyone around here has smart phones, now. These phones are internet-connected miniature computers. Anyone around here with internet access, can order most anything you can possibly think of, online. You can even buy coffee, and just about any grocery you can think of, all from the comfort of your home.

    Always try to remember this -- With the idea of "If you build it, they will come", the fact is, if you build it and the local residents either can't or won't use it, that's an automatic problem. When most people travel to other cities or states, the first thing they do is talk to the locals and find out what's good in town, be it a restaurant, BAR, or what attractions might be available. I know that if I ask a local for his/her opinion, I'm going to use their advice in deciding where to go.

    Here is an idea for the city -- start getting with all the current businesses here, and help them update their 30+ year old storefronts. Some, if not most, look old and very tired, heck some of them look so old that they look like they've been closed for years. Clean up signage and put some paint on buildings, help them fix parking lots, etc.. You'd be amazed at how the appearance alone will make people feel better about going to a place. I know alot of places here can't afford it, so help them out. Give them a "beautification" loan to cover the cost of upgrades and general cleaning and repainting. Give them a stipulation that, if they choose to accept the help, from then on out, they MUST keep it clean and in proper working order. In all this, you can hire local people that are looking for work as handymen or painters, or whatever is needed. You can pay them a decent, fair wage for their services, and that could make it a potential win-win for everyone.

    Just another thought for the city, it needs help, and spending millions and millions on a new place isn't going to make the rest of the town look appealing to outsiders or even some of the locals.

  • rapidrob posted at 7:42 pm on Sat, Oct 6, 2012.

    rapidrob Posts: 13


  • garbob48 posted at 6:36 pm on Fri, Oct 5, 2012.

    garbob48 Posts: 15

    john thompson, I have known Walker for more than thirty years, just be glad I don't call him "wormy" like we did in school!!!!!!!He wanted to be a lawyer when we were in high school, I wished he had made it. When we were in school, everbody went by their last name. Like hey Smith come here.

  • jrp61356 posted at 3:00 pm on Fri, Oct 5, 2012.

    jrp61356 Posts: 9

    While I am an optimist, I am also a realist. I tend to agree with Boaz Resident's assessment. On paper this all looks great, but at what cost - $20 million, maybe more? That is a tremendous amount of debt for a city the size of Boaz to incur. Why not start small to see if the idea catches on? If it does, then consider expanding at a later time. Also, it makes no sense to compare such a facility in Boaz to ones in Elgin and Cullman. There are considerable population differences between the three cities, so saying a facility such as this would work in Boaz because it works elsewhere is pointless. Also, if memory serves, when the sales tax increase (which I opposed) was passed last year, the two stated reasons for it were (1) to continue a city-wide street repaving project, and (2) to build a rainy-day fund for the city. Nothing was said about an aquatic/rec center. What happened to the repaving and rainy-day fund projects?

  • Buffalo posted at 1:53 am on Fri, Oct 5, 2012.

    Buffalo Posts: 422

    Walker is the best mayor in the State of Alabama!

  • The American Citizen posted at 11:34 pm on Thu, Oct 4, 2012.

    The American Citizen Posts: 91

    Just an over priced place for the ILLEGAL MEXICANS to hang out...[wink]

  • John Thompson posted at 9:51 am on Thu, Oct 4, 2012.

    John Thompson Posts: 405

    Garbob, go back and read you own post.
    You say this county is not big enough to support an athletic complex but you wonder why we don't build a medical mall like the one in Huntsville?
    You show a lot of disrespect when you use a term like Walker rather Mayor Walker.

  • boaz resident posted at 9:41 am on Thu, Oct 4, 2012.

    boaz resident Posts: 53

    While i'm all for giving just about anything around here a chance to bring in the people, change, and help the city at least start to prosper, I can't help but think of this proposal being a bit much to start with. Certainly the outlet buildings are a ghost town now -- something is need to fill the space with business(es) that could possibly thrive and bring some life back to the city. Maybe take a step back for a second and think -- it's kind of like being out of work for a long time, and having nothing to your name from having to sell off all your valuables. You get that job you've been looking for, and instead of paying off debts that you have been able to, you go buy a new car, adding MORE debt to your life. If you needed a vehicle, a cheap used one would have done well to start with. Once you know the job isn't going away and you've made some money and paid off some bills and caught everything up, then maybe you can look at spending some money on something you want rather than what is needed. Just some food for thought. Maybe buy the property, and start with half of the proposal. 2 story fitness center? Why not 1 story to begin with? Are you sure that that many people will be there? I'm not. I also agree with comments i've seen on here about concentrating on bringing industry to the area, but alas, it's always a viscous circle, companies tend to not want to locate here if there isn't already something to offer them and/or their team. I think back to the times when there were many industries here, why did they leave? Well, one place I worked at here years ago, decided that they could get cheaper material from another country. And it was just that, very cheap, faulty, poorly made material. That didn't matter to the company, however, because the price tag was so much cheaper than before. Then they eventually decided that if they can get the material that cheap, think of how much cheaper it would be to employ people in that country who are willing to work for less than half of what they pay us now? So it was settled, the company picked up and moved out of the country, leaving many people without jobs around here. That was in the mid 90's, and just one reason for a company to leave town. it's not just this town your up against as far as what to bring to the table, it's other countries(outsourcing), and greed from big companies who only look at their own wallet in the end. Most people in this town and towns just like this one, are so desperate these days, and struggling DAILY. It used to be living from paycheck to paycheck, now? It's hoping to have 3 dollars for gas to make it to work and back another day. If there were more decent jobs, that pay decently(let's face it, and this is not a debate, with the cost of living now, there isn't a soul around that can live and support children or nearly even themselves on 8/hour, then give a monthly fee to go play at the new outlet rec center), which could be restaurants(real ones, not a fly-by-night, pop up place that will do great for 6 months, make a killing, then drop all food costs to minimum, pay employees less and less until their attitudes turn to rubbish, in turn the quality of the place goes downhill until, wouldn't you know it, the restaurant puts a sign in the window saying CLOSED), retail, industry, whatever it takes, then the newly found wages could in turn be spent on recreation, which could in turn give a reason to advertise, hey, we have all this here, come visit Boaz! And so on and so on, however, you need to figure what it takes to get those businesses here, and figure out what it will take to KEEP them here. Just my .02, I don't really know much of anything. lol

  • garbob48 posted at 8:31 am on Thu, Oct 4, 2012.

    garbob48 Posts: 15

    hey mayor, spend 20 million for a recreation faciltity with a county population of less than 100,00? NO!!!!! where is my $25,000 consult fee. Ever wonder why there is no Red Lobster, Target, Sams Club, Publix in this county, there is not enough people with good incomes. Bean counters at these companies can tell you with increasing accuracy how sucessfully a venture will be. If Walker wants something like that,then he needs to get more industry to come here!! The outlets would be better served by turning them into professional offices for medical professionals like the medical mall in Huntsville or expanding Snead State.