Albertville High School Hall of Fame

From left, Maurice Canady, Teresa Cannady, Louise Edward Norman (Daniel Norman), Jack Fricks and Pat William Bowlds.

Albertville citizens and public officials met for lunch and an awards ceremony Friday to celebrate the successes of five Albertville High School alumni.

Pat Williams Bowlds, Teresa Cannady, Maurice Canady, Jack Fricks and the late Daniel Edward Norman were recognized for being leaders, not just in their community, but county, state and even world by being selected as members of the AHS Hall of Fame.

Pat Williams Bowlds graduated from AHS in 1960. She holds a doctorate in physical chemistry and is a college chemistry professor and staff scientist at IBM.

Her career has landed her several patents in the field of chemistry. She owns her own business providing IT and marketing experience for companies including IBM, Lenovo, Toshiba and both state and federal governments.

She has served as vice commodore of the Royal Marsh Harbor Yacht Club in the Bahamas and teaches water color painting and drawing classes to senior citizens and at- risk students.

“This is about the most important thing that has ever happened to me,” Bowlds said. “In my case, this (AHS) is where I began my journey. The teachers, the students and Albertville High School as a whole means a great deal to me.”

Teresa Cannady is a 1981 graduate of AHS. She is a legal specialist with experience in more than 60 countries. Her career spans more than 30 years, with an emphasis on legal reform, women’s rights and human rights. She has worked as a gender issues legal specialist in the Balkans, working in Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia to promote women’s empowerment and combat gender based violence. She is admitted to practice law before the U.S. Supreme Court, the 11th Circuit Federal Courts, all Alabama state courts and is a member of the Alabama State Bar.

“It means so much more when you’re recognized by home folks,” Cannady said. “My mom used to say, ‘can’t never could do anything.’ I guess I believed her.”

Jack Fricks is a 1951 graduated of AHS.

With a career spanning more than 55 years, Fricks has become a pioneer in the trucking industry.

In 1961, Fricks formed B&G Leasing with his long-time business partner, Charles Garrett. B&G Leasing became B&G Supply Co., Inc in 1968.

“I graduated in 1951, and it was during the Korean War era,” Fricks said. “That is the reason I got into trucking.”

In 1978, Jack and his new business partner, Jack Mitchell, began a business partnership and friendship that is still going strong today. Jack has been involved in the Alabama Trucking Association, Marshall County Personnel Board, Albertville Chamber of Commerce and First Baptist Church.

James Mo Canady was selected as an Albertville High School Hall of Fame member due to his work in law enforcement.

“It’s just an extreme honor to be here,” Canady said. “I can’t imagine not growing up in Albertville, Alabama. I never thought I’d leave, but God had different plans for me.

“I thought I’d come back, but I never did.”

Canady is a 1981 graduate of AHS. After high school, Canady attended Jacksonville State University, and graduated with a degree in forensic science and a minor in law enforcement.

Canady’ career spans more than 25 years with the Hoover Police Department. After retiring from the Hoover School Services Division in 2011, he became the executive director for the National Association of School Resource Officers (NASRO.)

Daniel Edward Norman graduated from AHS in 1965. He graduated flight school as a warrant officer in the class of 1967. He was a member of the 101st Airborne Division, and was sent to Vietnam in 1968. During his service in Vietnam, Norman was awarded the Bronze star.

After retiring from the military, through his service with the National Emergency Medical Service Pilots Association, Norman helped foster the use of GPS approaches for EMS flight operations.

Norman served in that capacity with Erlanger Medical Center in Chattanooga, Tennessee, until he founded his own company, Satellite Technology Implementation, Inc., where he helped hospitals develop better FAA approved GPS approaches.

Norman died of a sudden illness in 2009. His wife, Louise Norman, accepted the award on his behalf.

“If Danny were here, he’d be very thankful for his class of 1965,” Norman said. “He would be very thankful for this award.

“His time at AHS was important in preparing him for his future. To be included in this group is an honor.”

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