Athens State University is delighted to honor the students who have been named to the President’s List and Provost’s List for the Fall 2017 semester.

These students excelled in their coursework and achieved remarkable academic success.

President’s List:

l Lashanda Allen – Boaz

l Jason Atchley – Albertville

l Haley Bean – Albertville

l Monica Borden – Albertville

l Kayleigh Briscoe – Douglas

l Amber Colquitt – Boaz

l Julia Davis – Albertville

l Kelsey Freeman – Boaz

l Skylar Painter – Crossville

l Chelsea Ray – Albertville

l Brittainy Walker – Boaz

l Rachel Walker – Crossville

Provost’s List:

l Mckenna Anderson – Boaz

l Kayla Armstrong – Boaz

l Lacie Batton – Boaz

l Malai Driver – Horton

l Anissa Duncan – Boaz

l Alfred Fant – Albertville

l Sherry Little – Albertville

l Mary Luther – Boaz

l Heather McBrayer – Boaz

l Maura McCullars – Albertville

l Hilary Petty – Albertville

l Timothy Roberson – Albertville

l Kodie Smith – Boaz

l Leah Vaughn – Horton

l Tagan Wagnon – Boaz

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