Elders with the Cowboy Church of Marshall County  in Albertville have terminated their pastor amid news he faces child sexual abuse charges in two Texas counties.

Mark Allen Green faces a charge of sexual abuse of a child in Ellis County and an aggravated sexual abuse of a child charge in neighboring Na var ro County, both in Texas.

Green was jailed last week and remains in the Ellis County Jail under a $500,000 bond. Attempts to contact Ellis County Sheriff’s officials were not successful Wednesday.

Church officials declined comment on Green and the charges he faces because the case is “emotional, private and the courts are involved,” according to one church member.

Church members contacted by The Reporter declined comment Wednesday.

Randall Stoner, director of missions for the Marshall Baptist Association, confirmed Green’s termination when reached by phone Wednesday, but declined additional comment other than a written statement sent to The Reporter.

“While these alleged events involving Mark Allen Green did not happen in Marshall County, we are saddened by the circumstances surrounding his termination,” Stoner wrote.

“Due to legal issues, we cannot comment any further.

“Please know that we are praying for The Cowboy Church of Marshall County and all involved.

“Our prayer is that the church will pull together as a family does in trying times, and draw closer to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”

A church member present at services Sunday when news of Green’s arrest and termination was announced to church members said the issue polarized the church membership. The member asked not to be identified because the issue is so emotionally charged at this time.

Sunday’s services turned tense and the news caused arguments and shouting, the member said.

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ccmc will overcome and continue to save the lost!
Is bad and hurts but god will judge us all


Please tell me aggie, how does the church plan to save the lost, when it's painfully obvious that the church isn't capable of spotting who the lost are in the first place????? Looks like you folks are incapable of telling the difference as Jesus put it between sheep and wolves dressed as sheep!!

Susan Smith

welp another pastor down..


You can't put the blame on the church...That's wrong...What is it that you expect?? No one has a crystal ball to look into someone's heart.. From what I understand that is a wonderful church and God will get them through this..


I'm not blaming the church here, but you'd think a background check would be standard before taking on a pastor. I know a lot of larger churches run fingerprint background checks on sunday school teachers simply as a precaution and I think all churches, regardless of size, need to run background checks on their pastors. It's sad that we've reached this point in America, but it's true.

Susan Smith

Doesn't matter the background check.. Even Pastor Dollar messed up... There are ALOT of PASTORS really doing wrong and yet they are suppose to be christians..... Just sayin


Reckon why when a pastor of a church(who is really not above any other) messes up the media publishes that but when a non-believer(and who is to say he was not a wolf instead of a sheep) does something wrong the media does not stress that in their title.

Just wondering


WOW commonsense, your name in itself is a contradiction to your mentality. Could it be because pastors stand at a podium preaching morality every week?? Thats why newspapers publish it. Also, last time I checked when a non-believer is charged with child sexual abuse it is likewise published.

Also to the rest of you, I wasn't blaming the church. I was simply stating a fact that yes most churchgoing individuals are so well practiced at putting on a fake appearance in church that sooner or later they are no longer capable of telling the difference between the sheep and wolves dressed as sheep. In my opinion, they are just as lost as the pastor is because they aren't interested in genuine goodness, only the appearance of it. Which makes them helping the lost impossible. It's like the blind leading the blind!!

zamboni driver

Susan, and cbs Boaz you are so full of yourselves, I can't even tell where YOU ends and YOU begins! There is a lot wrong with some in many professions right now, not just "preachers" (or seemingly so based on your own self- focused observations). I doubt the appetite of a starving wolf or a starving sheep particularly cares where the truth comes from, just as long as the satisfaction of that truth matriculates from reasoning that feeds it's own hunger and contradicts reasoning that challenges it's own illusionist folly. If I were to be led by three blind mice, I would find solace in doing, as at least blind mice can't look into a crystal ball, or suggesting an entire population of church going individuals are fakers.


Zamboni, you are an idiot of epic proportion. They're not just my observations, they are the observations of anyone who has ever analyzed the common church practices in this country, and of the people who attend them. It's always amusing to see millions of people each week congregate in a church wearing fine clothing when Jesus spoke against such things. It's also funny to see them pray in public when Jesus likewise not only forbid such things in the book of Matthew but likewise practiced it himself countless times even away from his disciples.

Churches are not for the glorification of God or Jesus, they glorify only themselves and the institutions they put up. They are nothing more than businesses. They are merely a way for mankind to institute hierarchy and organization just like they have towards everything they've done for thousands of years. A means to reduce their faith to a simple weekly ritual. They're not interested in glorifying God, only increasing their own power, influence, and coffers no different than countless other churches have done for the past 2,000 years!! They sir are the LOST!


P.S. Zamboni no crystal ball needed. According to some people I know this gentleman was accused of this same thing a few years back but nothing was done. It's like the catholic church all over again!

zamboni driver

Well, glad to see you keep up with things so hastily (only 37 mins. cbs...not bad...) at least you "two" have just proven you sit around the computer all day and wait for the first thing you can sink your teeths into...just sayin'... you "two" have a blessed day now [wink]


cbs you are welcome to come to cowboy church and see all the people in fine clouthing ,,all the self righteous,,I pray that you and others come see what youall condeme ! saten is everywhere trying to
separate all that is good


While I have and keep my faith aggie I am not a believer in organized religion. In fact, I don't think Jesus believed in it either. Which is why he never erected a church himself, nor did he specifically tell any of his disciples to do so either. He only told them to go out and preach the word.

My question for you is when have churches ever been good? For the past 2,000 years they have been at the heart of some of the greatest attrocities known to mankind such as countless amounts of murder in the crusades, spanish inquisition, salem witch trials, and a host of other horrors.

In my opinion, no decent christian would ever attend church just so they can have their faith validated in the eyes of others and be seen by others. No true christian would seek salvation in a church, instead they should seek it with their own eyes and mind by reading the words of Jesus Christ in the bible for themselves and form their own conclusions. Because when someone stands on the day of their judgement God will not care what you were taught, but only what you chose to believe and practice. He will not care how much you showed up to church, he will only care whether you lived your faith everyday towards him and towards others with mercy and forgiveness. Churches are businesses first and foremost!! They will always clamor for more power, money, and influence!! I wonder how much forgiveness the accused pastor will receive from the church, and if he'll be welcomed back by them even if he's found guilty?????

Susan Smith

zamboni driver, Seriously???? We are talking about Pastors, preachers, Teachers here. You know the people who are suppose to be icons to the people and teach them about God... Seems like some are teaching people about other activities than the Bible. So get off your self rightous high horse and stick with the post. Gesshh... See I can be a smart *a* also!


Don't worry Susan, even tho we may disagree about faith. We can both agree that Zamboni is pretty much pouting about the fact that he can't come up with anything intelligent to counter with so he's pouting. Which really isn't surprising given his mentality.

Proud Christian

@cbsboaz - I don't know what churches you have attended or what has turned you against the church so much. Jesus tells us to not forsake the assembling of ourselves together. No, He didn't say go build a church, or meet in a house, or under a tree - but Christians choose to meet in a church. You don't know anything about my church or the people that attend my church. We are not a "business." We gather together to worship God and draw strength from each other. I hope God will be more merciful to you in judgment than the judgment you are passing.

People hold pastors and Christians to higher standards - just as we don't expect police officers to be criminals. But, it happens. No person, Christian or non-Christian is above temptation and sin. Do I sin? Daily. Do you - cbsboaz sin? I am certain you do.

“Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?" Maybe instead of judging the entire Cowboy Church (and all churches - as you have done), offering prayers would be much more productive. God will forgive this man, if he asks.


cbsboaz,I was just looking at what kind of response I would get.Alot of people have messed up in this world but,when someone is in the wrong you don"t see them put as a headline "BOB A TIRE CHANGER WAS ARRESTED".It's there to sell papers I know that and you do too.
When Jesus was here he preached the Kingdom of God and it was Paul that preached the church and saved by grace.What people need to realize that not everyone in church is saved and quit labeling the church and maybe label the person.It is the same with those that don't believe in Christ and the Church saying all nonbelievers are bad and that is not the case.I would not look judge how i'm living my life by looking at someone else.God is not going to judge by how somebody else lives their life, he will judge me on how I live my life and not be compared to someone else.My faith is not in a building it is in Jesus Christ.


@cbs, I don't mean to take up for zamboni. He is an idoit ,or acts as if he is just to trap people like you. If he is an idiot of epic proportions cbs, then you my friend are an idiot of biblical proportions, he made more sense than either you or Susan. How did he not stick to the topic if he was responding to you idiots?... and above else, if you want to get into not sticking to the topic, what the heck does the catholic church have to do with this story. I don't recall seeing that mentioned anywhere. It sure looks to me like the sneaky little devil lit a fire under you and you walked right into it.

zamboni driver

First off @modestman, don't try to put words or intent into my mouth (or post). If I remember correctly you were first to fall into this "sneaky little devils" traps. @ cbs, you have undoubtedly validated just what 2/3 of the "cbs" stands for. Don't try too hard to contemplate intelligence, it past you by obviously. Your illusion is that you and Susan are so starving (like wolves) to sink your teeths into to . Unsuccesfully, you try to divert my words (and reality) into categorizing one single man's actions to all preachers, and apparently priests as you injected. I see the wedge you are attempting to drive between Baptists and Catholics, do you really think everyone other than you is so naive. Christians are smart enough to realize the bigger agenda of those who just flat out can't stand the existence of "God" and wish to demean those whom do no matter their affiliation . @Susan, well, I think I just addressed you above. I truly hope you have a blessed day.


It seems that none have the ability to grasp my words so allow me to put them into crayon level for you. One thing a person notices they someone of the organized religion fashion is they always want to invite you to church. They don't promote God or encourage someone to read their bible. It's always "you should come to my church". By that extension, they are not promoting God, they are instead promoting their own interpretations and rituals. To individuals of organized religion, they worship their rituals and institutions, more than they do glorify God.

Also, yes churches are businesses, they have employees who have salaries, and they take in money, and provide a service of some sorts. This is the definition of a BUSINESS!!

While I have faith I am not a believer of organized religion because it breeds an atmosphere that is about protecting the institution, and not glorifying God. Finally, and of greatest importance is churches tend to trick people into thinking they live without sin, it tends to make them think they are more moral than others. To deny that fact is to give anyone persons argument without credibility!!

Also, I have no desire to attend the cowboy church, unlike some I don't need to play dress up like I'm living in the 19th century just to worship God!

Susan Smith

modestman He was making a reference to ME that had NOTHING to do with a pastor MOLESTING a CHILD... Yea it pisses me off when people want to JUMP without READING. If anyone is a IDIOT it is YOU!

zamboni driver How am I twisting your words?
"Susan, and cbs Boaz you are so full of yourselves, I can't even tell where YOU ends and YOU begins! There is a lot wrong with some in many professions right now, not just "preachers" (or seemingly so based on your own self- focused observations)."

"Well, glad to see you keep up with things so hastily (only 37 mins. cbs...not bad...) at least you "two" have just proven you sit around the computer all day and wait for the first thing you can sink your teeths into...just sayin'... you "two" have a blessed day now"

I usually like to sink my teeth in a nice Med. well done T-bone.. tender meat. but if you were refering to jumping to a PREACHER WHO LIKES TO HAVE SE_X WITH CHILDREN your dang right I will jump..... He is SICK and twisted. and ALOT of PREACHERS,PASTORS are the SAME..


@zamboni, you only know what I allowed you to know. So whatever you feel you unveiled from anything I said, well, I guess I was being modest. I'm not even going to respond to you Susan and cbs, you aren't worth running down my battery over.

Susan Smith

Then leave......


Sometimes I wonder why some people even bother creating websites such as Jo Yourself. We still have problems with people that think they can do certain stuff anyways. Such people should be locked in a cell and left there for a very long time.


For a man of his position it is shameful to be involved in such perversion. If you have no control over your desires then get yourself satisfied with sot escorts such as Paris Escort Girls, you have no right to abuse a child.


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