Suzanne Greer Johnson

A former Albertville special education teacher had her probation revoked last week after she allegedly hit a coin-operated laundry business and a parked car in the city of Glencoe on Friday morning.

Glencoe Police Investigator Kenon McKenzie said Suzanne Greer Johnson, 41, was driving the van that hit a parked car at 9:45 a.m. at a coin-operated laundry near the Big Chief Drive-in restaurant before hitting the building itself on West Main Street. Luckily a wall beneath the plate glass windows kept Johnson's van from entering the laundry business and injuring anyone inside, McKenzie said Monday morning. The owner of the vehicle she struck was inside the laundry at the time, but was not injured, McKenzie said. Johnson was taken to a local hospital for evaluation of minor injuries, he said.

Johnson was given a field sobriety test where she blew a 0.338, significantly higher than the legal limit of 0.08, McKenzie said.

Johnson was charged with driving on a revoked license, driving under the influence, violating the open container law by having alcohol in her vehicle and violating her probation.

Glencoe Municipal Court Clerk Susan Casey said Johnson was on probation for a January domestic violence charge and had "lengthy history" of DUI charges in the Glencoe area.

In a February appearance before Glencoe Municipal Judge James Shelnutt, Johnson was required to complete an intensive outpatient program for substance abuse, to avoid arrest and refrain from using alcohol. In return for compliance, the domestic violence charge would have been dropped.

Instead, on Friday afternoon, Johnson appeared before Shelnutt, who reinstated her sentence and additionally sentenced her to pay a fine, serve 60 days in the Etowah County Detention Center, serve 120 days suspended, and was required to enroll and successfully complete alcohol/substance abuse and anger management outpatient therapy programs in addition to attending a minimum of 50 Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. She was also sentenced to serve 24 months of probation.

Johnson was arrested twice in 2008 for driving under the influence in Albertville.

On Aug. 16, Johnson struck a utility pole at the intersection of Section Line Road and Edmondson Street. She was arrested eight days later at the intersection of U.S. 431 and Alabama 75. Both incidents resulted in Johnson being charged with DUI.

At the time, Johnson was employed as a special education teacher for Big Spring Lake Kindergarten in Albertville. She was later terminated by the school system.

Records from the Alabama Department of Public Education show Johnson's teaching certificate was revoked on May 7, 2009.

The Department of Education and Alabama State codes state the Department of Education "has the authority to impose penalties upon an Alabama certified teacher who has been found guilty of inappropriate conduct or behavior."

Johnson is currently lodged in the Etowah County Detention Center under a $2,500 bond.

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ben how is something like this front page news. can we not get real local news, not something in glencoe. what about all the lawsuits in boaz with dishman. whats the status of the killing of a man in albertville by the police. just sayin


People are arrested for DUIs every day and it is not front page news. If she was singled out because she was a FORMER teacher, then that is just plain wrong. To make matters worse, the event didn't even happen in Marshall County. There is no address listed so it appears she may not even be a Marshall County resident. The way this was treated above other DUI arrests is puzzling.


Funny how other people were thinking the same thing.I wondered if this story would have gotten the same coverage if she was "currently" an albertvile school teacher.I'm sure it would not. These reporters think they are "investigating",or "getting the real story" or "breaking news" like the ones they learned in college.All they do is repeat gossip.Just once i'd like to meet a "real" reporter who has the guts to go after the true inside story about something that is going on or asking relavent questions in a way that prevents the interviewee from lying or worming their way out.They are so afraid they will upset somebody or make them mad by telling the truth.The "truth" is not to be feared.


What should be the emphasis of this news story is how many chances does this idiot deserve before seeing significant jail time? It's simply a matter of time before she kills someone. .338 is knee-crawling drunk and she was driving a van?


So what did every other DUI arrestee blow that was listed somewhere deep inside the paper? You don't know because only this person waranted this kind of attention. I don't have a problem with putting every DUI arrest on the front page and printing every last detail of the arrest. My point, however, is that this one appears to have been singled out for some reason. Maybe I could see it if were the school superintendent, but a "former educator" getting this kind of attention is a bit strange. I wonder if a "former reporter's" arrest would warrant this kind of attention?


Not news. Toss her under the jail for her crime, but don't report on it unless you want to report on every Juan, Billy Ray, Jim Bob, or Jose that gets caught as well.....

If you can't prove she did anything while a teacher during teaching hours then I don't care....nobody does.


Very well said and I could not agree with you more.


barney: if you think you could do a better job reporting the news, the why don't you trot up to the office and apply? It's not always as cut and dry as you seem to think it is! This story is relevant because this woman is a menace. She has a history of drunk driving, and the public deserves to know she's still doing it. Maybe the story should have centered around the fact that she's a repeat offender rather than a former educator, but, regardless, I am glad the paper is keeping tabs on this dangerous criminal.


brandy dont drink the kool aid


Actually, I think Brandy is correct, and it was aligned with my comment. What difference does it make what they do with other DUI's? Is this one personal to you somehow?

I think the article missed the point, but the news of her arrest is still significant to me.

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