GUNTERSVILLE - Marshall County Administrator Nancy R. Wilson announced her impending retirement in a joint press release with the Marshall County Commission.

And she intends to enjoy it.

Wilson, an Albertville resident, is retiring Nov. 1 and will remain on administrative leave till the effective date.

"I'm considering this situation as a blessing," Wilson said Monday. "My daughter graduates from college in December, and we'll be choosing a graduate school at the first of the year. I'm glad to have the time to help her do that and enjoy it."

Attorneys for Wilson and the Commission had been working on a settlement to avoid litigation after Chairman James Hutcheson placed Wilson on administrative leave with pay and without explanation Sept. 1.

Officials did not release details of the settlement or explain the reason for Wilson's sudden and surprising departure.

The Commission thanked Wilson for "guiding the county through difficult economic times."

"Ms. Wilson's knowledge and understanding of federal, state and local laws, regulations and policies relating to county issues, along with her commitment to ensuring compliance with such, were an asset to the Commission and the citizens of Marshall County," Hutcheson said.

"Ms. Wilson's service to Marshall County is greatly appreciated, and she will be missed."

Wilson "expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to serve the County Commission and looks forward to retirement."

Commissioners plan to fill the position and requested an opinion from the Alabama Attorney General to determine the proper procedure for hiring a new county administrator.

Commissioners are asking the AG for clarification on what legislative act they should use to hire the new administrator.

Wilson served as county administrator for four years after being hired during former Chairman Douglas D. Fleming's administration.

She previously worked for the Dallas County Commission for seven years, for the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs for eight years and for the Alabama State Department of Education for nine years.

"Ms. Wilson leaves Marshall County with over 28 years of impeccable service to various public entities in Alabama," the release stated.

Wilson plans to stay in Albertville for now and enjoy the time with her daughter.

"I eventually will look for a job of some type, where I can use my abilities and experience to make a difference," Wilson said. "I always said when I retired I would do some volunteer work. I've got to stay busy.

"I feel better than I've felt in the last four years. I didn't realize the stress I had been under the last year. Every day that becomes more and more evident to me. It's kind of like when you get glasses for the first time and you can see.

"I want to enjoy retirement. I'm excited."



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