Transitioning from eighth grade to high school and ninth grade can be stressful. It is a feeling shared by freshmen since schools have existed. Being at the bottom of the class hierarchy is part of the high school experience.

The school year of 2019-2020 for the freshman class of Boaz High School has been exceedingly successful. The transition from Boaz Middle School to Boaz High School was definitely a big change, but the freshman class as a whole has adapted well. In addition, the class of 2023 enjoys taking part in pep rallies, and attending the High School’s football games by standing in the Black Army Student Section at the L.F. Corley Jr. Stadium. In fact, this past Friday, students were able to participate in their first High School pep rally with the theme “Lei out the Knights”. Our class is very proud of how well the team did, especially our Freshmen classmate members. Our class sincerely enjoyed the first football game of the season, and are looking forward to future games. We wish our team the best this season!

The second football game of the season was against Guntersville. The pep rally theme was, “Git Up for Guntersville!” Students dressed in their best cowboy gear in preparation for the game.

More classrooms at BHS are being themed by the teachers. Mr. Lowery’s 10th grade history class takes place in an 18th century “tavern”. That will be next year for this year’s freshmen. Freshman history students have class in Mrs. Rhoden’s class. The content is world history and her interactive whiteboard is presented as Greek/Roman temple.

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