Hugh Allison, a World War II veteran of Albertville, drives to Diversicare in Boaz to have dinner with his wife, Melba, each day with flowers in hand and a gentle smile on his face.

Melba’s sister-in-law, Donna Camp, said Hugh, 95, stops by around 10 a.m. and leaves at 3 p.m. He regularly spoils her with dinner flowers from their garden and warm conversation, as if it were Valentine’s Day, but the only thing special about the day to him is that he gets to share it with her. Melba became a resident at Diversicare more than three years ago after suffering numerous strokes.

Hugh and Melba have been married for 42 years. Camp said the couple’s relationship and Hugh’s tenacity to continue caring for Melba is inspiring.

“He’s such a wonderful man,” she continued. “I’m sure I’ll never meet another like him.”

Camp said Hugh recently brought a flower to Melba that stood above and beyond anything she’s ever seen.

“It was a giant hybrid lily with pedals about 7-inches long,” Camp said. “Its diameter was about 11-and-a-half inches – as big as a dinner plate.”

However, the flower wasn’t from Hugh’s garden. It was from Debra Patterson, of Aroney, who let Hugh take it to his wife.

“It just meant so much because everyone knows he brings Melba flowers almost every day,” Camp said. “It’s just really sweet that he makes the effort to go see her and be with her every day, and I admire him so much.”

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