Walt Maddox

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Walt Maddox will speak about his run for governor Tuesday night in Fyffe.

Walt Maddox Campaign

Tuscaloosa Mayor Walt Maddox is holding a rally Feb. 13 in Fyffe at 5:30 p.m. to campaign for his run for governor.

Maddox is currently serving his fourth term as mayor and is throwing his hat into the race for governor of Alabama.

John Baker, treasurer of the Democratic Executive Committee, said he’s interested to hear Maddox speak at the rally.

“He’s a really dynamic person,” Baker said. “I never had met him before, but he’s somebody I’m really impressed with … He’s really an interesting fellow and a very good speaker.”

Maddox is known for his quick crisis management during the EF-4 tornado that hit on April 27, 2011 which destroyed over 12 percent of the city of Tuscaloosa, according to Maddox’s campaign website.

His platform includes safe roads, higher paying jobs and good health care.

“Our state is in a crisis,” he said, according to his website. “It’s the same crisis we’ve been facing for the last seven years. Pretending everything is okay is not okay. If we don’t do something today, there will not be a tomorrow with safe infrastructure, access to health care and good paying jobs.”

Maddox believes more jobs and better paying jobs in the state will, in turn, promote better infrastructure and boost the economy.

He also wants to provide better health care, especially for the rural areas of Alabama.

“Montgomery has refused to expand Medicaid, which would have provided a $1.8 billion infusion into Alabama’s health care system by providing medical coverage for 331,000 working Alabamians, veterans, children and disabled,” according to Maddox’s website. “Instead, solely because of politics, medical care in Alabama had been vastly diminished and an opportunity to grow a new economy has been wasted.”

Reita Grant, secretary of the Democratic Executive Committee, said she’s excited to have Maddox come and speak at the rally in Fyffe.

“After seven or eight years of zero progress, it’s time to elect Walt Maddox and go in another direction,” she said.

DeKalb County Democrat Club President Susan Hayes said the event is open to the public and will feature a “covered-dish meal.”

“We’re just going to let him talk about what he wants to talk about, and then I’m sure he’ll let us ask questions,” she said.

Sue Bell Cobb, another democratic nominee for governor, stopped by Fort Payne in October to speak.

“I support her candidacy,” Hayes said. “I’ve known her for quite some time. I think we’re going to have two, and maybe more, great candidates for the democratic party running as governor and it’s very exciting.”

Along with Cobb and Maddox, three other democratic candidates are declared to run for governor of Alabama including Christopher Countryman, James Fields and Anthony White.

The rally for Maddox will be held at the Fyffe Senior Center at 413 Graves Street in Fyffe.

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