Boaz inmates walking to and from court will do so without a covered walkway. 

During a council meeting Monday, councilmen decided to forgo the expense of installing a metal canopy over a new handicapped accessible walkway between the city’s jail and municipal court building. 

Earlier this month city officials received three bids to install a walkway with fencing topped with razor wire and an extruded aluminum flat roof.

Two alternate packages were also bid.

The alternate projects included taking the awning over the walkway to the end of the building, while a second alternative was to include an awning all the way down the ramp and walkway, tying into the jail to provide coverage all the way from the jail to the front door of the courtroom, said building inspector Nick Borden.

The city received base bids from Alabama Grading and Excavation for $125,700; CV&A Construction for $161,758; and Triple J Construction for $223,360. 

Monday, Mayor David Dyar said he would rather see the funds spent on the police department for necessary training or equipment rather than the canopy.

“We can do without the canopy,” said Boaz Police Chief Josh Gaskin. “If it becomes an issue, we can address it later on.”

Councilman Jeff Davis said others in the city were forced to do without protection from the rain. 

“There are no canopies for the children at some of our schools to wait for the bus in the rain,” Davis said. “They have to wait in the building and then run through the rain to get on the bus.”

The work must be completed as it would bring the city into compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) specifications. 

Also at Monday’s meeting, councilmen:

• Learned Monday was Councilman Jeff Davis’ last meeting. He did not win re-election to his seat.

“It has been a joy and pleasure working with you over the past four years,” Mayor David Dyar said. “I appreciate your service to the community.”

• Were reminded about the Monster Mash at the Mill Halloween event to be held Saturday from 3-6 p.m. at Old Mill Park. The free event will feature candy and games for children. 

• Heard the City Council will meet Nov. 2 at 6 p.m. at the Boaz Public Library Mastin Conference Room. 

• Approved paying $1.14 million in vouchers. The vouchers are posted at City Hall and are available for public viewing. 

• Approved hiring Baili Perigo as a full-time library assistant at the Boaz Public Library. Perigo has been a part-time employee at the library for the past four years. 

• Adopted a resolution awarding a bid to Triple J. Construction for $116,290 for gutter repair to Tammy and Tony streets. 

• Approved solicitation of bids for wayfinding signage, and bids for a drainage improvement project on Bruce Road.

• Learned the Boaz Police Department responded to 3,775 calls in September, making 98 arrests and taking 149 incident reports. More than 270 traffic citations were issued and 32 accidents were reported.

• Learned the Boaz Fire Department responded to two fires, 127 rescue and emergency medical calls, one hazardous condition call, 24 service calls, three good intent calls, one severe weather call and four false alarm calls during September.


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