Boaz City Council members are looking toward the future as they seek bids to demolish two of the former Boaz Outlet Center buildings. 

During a meeting Monday night, councilmen agreed to solicit bids for the demolition of the building housing the now closed Boaz 9 Cinema and another building housing the Snead Bookstore, Pink Magpie Pickers Paradise and other shops. 

Mayor David Dyar said the demolition will make the properties more attractive to potential developers. 

“The theater has sloped floors,” he said. “We have zero interest from anyone wanting to lease that space. And what we refer to as the Snead Bookstore building is just in poor shape. Renovating it is not cost effective.”

The city owns the former Boaz Outlet Center and leases the building spaces to tenants. Dyar said lease agreements “make enough to pay the note on the building” but not make a profit.

Existing businesses have been offered space in the building housing Tre Regazzi’s restaurant, Dyar said, but not every business has taken him up on the offer. Thus far, only the Snead Bookstore has plans to relocate within the center, Dyar said. 

One other existing building housing Frank’s Thunder Alley bowling alley and Grumpy’s restaurant will remain open but will receive a facelift, Dyar said. 

“We are working with an architect right now about the renovations,” Dyar said. “We hope to be able to go out for bids on that job at the end of October or first of November.”

Dyar said city leaders would continue to market the property to developers and interested businesses. 

A decision on if and when to demolish the buildings will be made based upon the demolition bids received, Dyar said. 

In other business, councilmen also:

• Learned the annual city blood drive will be Oct. 20 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. at the Boaz Recreation Center. 

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