The City of Gadsden recently hosted a ribbon cutting to celebrate the grand opening of the Alabama City Center.

Newly renovated, the Alabama City Center is the new home of the Transportation Department. This new transportation hub will provide a starting point for the trolley and Dial-A-Ride-Transportation (DART) services.

The Alabama City Center also adds space for an increased police presence in Alabama City, West Gadsden and other neighborhoods. Located adjacent to the Gadsden Etowah County Boys and Girls Club, this new facility will help the Transportation Department provide service to people across Gadsden.

"This is another investment in our community as part of our plan to provide important services to all Gadsden Residents," Mayor Sherman Guyton said. "The new facility for the transportation department was much needed and will help them better run their routes. The police presence is especially important to me since it will keep our community safer and give them another footprint in this area.”

Regular trolley fare is 50 cents per trip, and the trolley fare for people age 60 or older, people who are disabled and for people on medicare is 25 cents per trip. Demand Response or DART service regular fares are $1.50 per trip for regular customers and 75 cents for persons with disabilities (after ADA eligibility certification), the elderly and for those on Medicare.

For more information about the Gadsden Transportation Services, or DART services call the Transportation office at 543-3278 or 549-4519. Trolley route maps and pickup locations can be found at

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