MONTGOMERY – Federal and state law requires that ADOL redetermine eligibility on a quarterly basis for regular unemployment, Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA), and Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC). The current quarter will end on July 5, 2020. ADOL will be automatically redetermining the claims, no action is required by the claimant. Some may remain eligible for PUA or PEUC, or they may change to regular unemployment compensation. Weekly benefit amounts may also change. This depends on eligibility requirements.

Those claimants whose benefit year ends prior to July 5 will have their claims reevaluated.

Claimants can see when their benefit year ends on the tracker – see above photo for reference.

After the new determination, if the claimant is monetarily eligible for regular unemployment compensation, the newly determined claim will become the active claim (what is seen in the tracker). The newly determined regular unemployment claim may result in a different weekly benefit amount than previously received under PUA or PEUC. After the claim has been redetermined, if the claimant is determined not to be monetarily eligible for regular unemployment compensation, they may still be able to be paid under PUA or PEUC, provided they still qualify. This determination will be made automatically and payment will be issued against that program.

Claimants must continue to certify their weeks. Many claimants are not receiving benefits because they fail to file their weekly certifications (request for payment). ADOL cannot pay benefits for weeks which have not been properly certified. Certifications can be done online at or by calling the appropriate number listed below:

Montgomery – (334) 954-4094

Birmingham – (205) 458-2282

Not in Local Area – (800) 752-7389

PUA recipients MUST file their weekly certifications either by telephone or on the PUA app, at

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