On Wednesday, July 15, the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office conducted a narcotics operation which resulted in over 50 arrests a single day.

The operation was a planned warrant roundup that involved saturation patrols and investigations of reported drug activity. The narcotics and interdiction team obtained the warrants after months investigating drug activity in the county, according to Sheriff Nick Welden.

“Months of hard work has truly paid off, and our county is a better place because of it,” he said. “This operation was well organized and exceeded our expectations. 

“We certainly did not take a break during the Covid-19 shutdown,” Welden continued. “Our narcotics and interdiction team continuously developed new leads and built these cases. Much of the information used to build these cases started by information developed from arrests by our deputies and local police officers.”

While serving the existing warrants, multiple suspects were arrested during traffic stops due to the discovery of narcotics.

Local and state agencies assisted the sheriff’s office with the operation including the Ider Police Department, Henagar Police Department, Mentone Police Department, Sylvania Police Department, Valley Head Police Department, Powell Police Department, Fyffe Police Department, Crossville Police Department, Alabama Pardons & Paroles and theALEA Region F Drug Enforcement Task Force.

“As always, this operation was a success due to the support from our local and state agencies,” Welden said. “I can’t thank them enough for their hard work and commitment to helping us cleanup this county.” 

For a full list of the suspects, see the arrest reports on Page A4 of Saturday's edition of The Reporter. 



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