Rotary Club, Wilson’s Screen Printing donates to Boaz Disaster Relief Fund

On behalf of the Boaz Rotary Club, Dr. Charisse Jordan presents a $1,000 check to Boaz Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Jill Johnson for the Boaz Disaster Relief Fund. Pictured (from left) are Charles Wilson, Rachel Lambert, Jordan, Lynn Entrekin, Johnson, DonNeeysa Adams, Sonja Hard, Kerry Mitchell and Heath Wilson, who also donated $840 to the relief fund from Wilson’s Screen Printing and Trophies.

A local civic club and a business recently gave almost $2,000 in donations to the Boaz Disaster Relief Fund. 

The Boaz Rotary Club, led by president-elect Dr. Charisse Jordan, donated $1,000 to the fund Wednesday, May 27. Jordan said it was important for the community to stick together and support each other during such unprecedented times.

“People say, ‘Why do you believe in disaster relief funding?’ For many reasons,” she said. “One; being a rotarian, that’s what we do. We take action globally and locally. Studies have also proven that when you don’t give aid appropriately and quickly to disaster survivors, it affects them, their family and the community, because what you’ve done, you have diminished their aspirations, and that can lead them to poverty. In our community, they are part of our economic growth, and we’re only as strong as our weakest link. We have to take care our community, and that’s what disaster relief is all about. In addition, just being a Christian — to much is given, much is required.

“Disaster comes in many ways,” Jordan continued. “We’re talking about COVID-19, we’re talking about the tornado, and we’re talking about children who can’t eat because schools are closed. That’s why disaster relief is important … and we’re in this together, no matter what the disaster is.”

Heath Wilson, of Wilson’s Screen Printing and Trophies, presented $840 for the fund. His business’ contribution was made thanks to the successful sale of specialty T-shirts commemorating the tornado that struck Boaz on Easter Sunday. Featured on the T-shirt are the words “BOAZ STRONG” and #SPRING2020 in front of a tornado; a cross was used to replace the ‘T’ in STRONG.

He said the business had sold more than 180 T-shirts as of May 27. With the recent donation, the business has given an approximate total of $3,600 from T-shirt sales to the fund — it initially gave $2,800 a few weeks prior. T-shirts are still available for purchase, Wilson said.

Wilson, who was born and raised in Boaz, said he was proud to see how the community had rallied together, but he wasn’t surprised.

“Boaz has always been my home … so we’re just trying to do our part to give back to the people who were affected by the tornado,” Wilson said. “It’s not surprising [to see the community come together after the tornado.] I have a daughter with special needs, and I’m thankful for this town … because having a daughter that looks different, there’s a lot of stuff that comes with that. But in Boaz, they treat Beth just like any other kid. So, I’m not surprised there’s people who want to help get behind Boaz and help people rebuild. That’s just the way we are — this is the city we live in.”

Donations can still be given to the Boaz Disaster Relief Fund. They can be delivered to Boaz City Hall, located at 112 N Broad St.; the Boaz Area Chamber of Commerce, located at 100 E Bartlett Ave.; or mailed directly to the chamber (100 Bartlett Ave, Boaz, AL 35957). Checks should be made payable to “Disaster Relief Fund.” 

If someone affected by a natural disaster needs assistance, stop by the chamber or call 256-593-8154 for an application or to learn more.

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