The City of Boaz scheduled the ground breaking of its $12.75 million recreation center for today, Thursday, Sept. 12, at 9:30 a.m.

The recreation center is set to be located at the old outlet center property. The center will feature an indoor eight lane pool, an outdoor “resort style” pool area, two activity rooms and a gymnasium with a mezzanine. The facility is estimated to be approximately 46,000 square feet.

Boaz Mayor David Dyar said the ground breaking was something the city had been looking forward to for a long time, and it’s a big step toward what he would like to see the city become in the future.

“It’s another step,” Dyar said. “We’re taking those steps to make our community a place where somebody would want to raise their children. It’s just another investment — I know I’m redundant when I talk about this, but look, this should’ve been done sometime before now. I’m just thankful I’ve got a good council to work with.

“We had to compromise,” Dyar said as he reflected on the process leading up to the ground breaking. “You know, I wasn’t for that location, but to get this thing done, you’ve got to be willing to compromise. It’s bigger than me ... So, I’m excited about it and looking forward to it. And, it’s a great day for our community. Like I said, this should’ve been done a long time ago. I’m just thankful I was part of an administration that saw the need and put our differences aside and moved forward to give our community what it needs.”

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