Mission Albertville, a plan created to bring the community together and see the city’s streets cleaned, proved successful.

In conjunction with Keep Albertville Beautiful (KAB), dozens of community members and local churches came out in droves on Saturday to help pick up litter and complete different projects to help the City of Albertville shine like new. Lee Fleming, creator of Mission Albertville, said there were several project at the city schools and downtown area completed, but the biggest goal was to see all the loose garbage gone.

“We wanted to fulfill as many projects as we could,” Fleming said. “But the main priority is working with KAB and picking up trash throughout the city.”

Fleming said there was also a group that was designated to lead a prayer walk around town. He said everyone was able to be of help in a variety of ways.

“Compassion City Church Pastor Jon Henderson called and asked what all I needed,” Fleming said. “I just said all we need is a bunch of people with really good attitudes.

“We’re so very thankful for all the different ones who’ve helped make Mission Albertville happen and really glad to see everyone show up [Saturday],” he said. “It was great to see just about every church in the city limits coming together and working for God’s Kingdom, not just any one church, and making an impact on the community.”

Harold Stamps, a member of the KAB Board, said it was wonderful to see so many come out in support of the clean up.

“This is the best turnout I can remember in a long time,” Stamps said. “It shows that people care about where they live and that’s a good thing. You have to care about where you live.”

But, Mission Albertville isn’t just a one-day mission. Fleming said there would continue to be different projects and things to do for people in need posted on its Facebook page, “Mission Albertville 2019.”

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