From new employees to opening more pre-K classes, the Marshall County Board of Education (MCBOE) was proactive during its meeting on Thursday.

Since a medical emergency caused Superintendent Cindy Wigley to miss the meeting, MCBOE Special Education Supervisor Annie Spike facilitated the meeting in her stead. Wigley said her husband, Chad, had torn his patellar tendon into, which caused her absence.

Marshall County Schools Federal Programs Supervisor Stephanie Wisener said earlier Thursday, Gov. Kay Ivey and the Alabama Department of Early Childhood Education announced the Alabama First Class Pre-K program would add three new classrooms to Marshall County this fall. She said the new classroom grants would be located at Claysville Elementary, Brindlee Mountain Primary and Asbury Elementary.

“We currently have 11 pre-Ks that we serve through this grant,” Wisener said.

She said the schools had a need for more pre-K classrooms because they have a waiting list for the ones they already have. She said they had a great need for a “collaborative, special needs pre-K,” which she and Spike teamed up to write the grant for.

“These kids deserve to be able to go to preschool also,” Wisener said. “It’s going to be based in Claysville and will serve several children in Marshall County. We’re truly excited that we’ll now have a total of 14 pre-Ks.”

Wisener said the Alabama Legislature approved Ivey’s recommended budget increase for the Alabama Department of Early Childhood Education. She said the Alabama Department of Early Childhood Education would continue to ensure pay parity for all First-Class Pre-K teachers with the same 4% pay raise as K-12 public school teachers in the upcoming school year.

In other business, the Marshall County BOE:

1.Approved the following new employees:

•Kathy Davis, DAR campus, CNP worker, effective 2019-20 school year (SY).

• Dawn Morrow Hilley, Sloman Primary Special Education teacher, effective 2019-20 SY.

• Amanda Brown, Asbury campus, CNP stock clerk/janitor.

• Maston Edmonds, Brindlee Mountain High School Special Education teacher, effective 2019-20 SY.

• Amanda Stephens, Douglas Middle School Special Education teacher, effective 2019-20 SY.

• Morgan Garrison, Brindlee Mountain Primary School teacher, effective 2019-20 SY.

• Casey Ashley, Early Childhood Auxillary teacher, Asbury Elementary, effective 2019-20 SY.

• Karla Glover, School Nurse, DAR Campus, effective 2019-20 SY.

• Elizabeth Barnes, School Nurse, DAR Campus, effective 2019-20 SY.

• Krista Lacey, School Nurse, Brindlee Mountain Elementary, effective 2019-20 SY.

• McKenzie Hardin, School Nurse, Claysville School, effective 2019-20 SY.

• Kristen Cooper, Douglas High School, Math teacher, effective 2019-20 SY.

• Chasity Stewart, Douglas High School, Custodian, effective June 6, 2019.

• Roberta St. John Ross, Marshall Technical School (MTS), Medical Prep teacher, effective 2019-20 SY.

• Jennifer Brock, Douglas High School bookkeeper, effective July 1, 2019.

• Brian Sauls, Douglas High School Assistant Principal, effective June 6, 2019.

2. Approved the following resignation/retirement/leave of absence:

• Jennifer Britnell, RN, Brindlee Mountain High School, employment resignation, effective June 4.

• Keith Buchanan, Principal, DAR Elementary, retirement effective June 30.

• Kristen Mize, teacher, Brindlee Mountain Primary School, LOA effective Sept. 23, 2019, through Jan. 6, 2020.

• Alisa Brazelton, teacher, Douglas Elementary School, LOA effective Aug. 19 through Oct. 3.

3. Approved the following volunteer/supplements/transfers/summer workers:

• Aryn Adams, Douglas High School, Volunteer Cheerleading Coach, effective 2019-20 SY.

• Alysha Borum, teacher, Brindlee Mountain High School, to teacher, KDS DAR High School, effective 2019-20 SY.

• Denise Stanley, CNP stock clerk/janitor, Brindlee Mountain High School, to CNP worker, Asbury Schools, effective 2019-20 SY.

• Allison Lindsay, CNP Assistant Manager, Douglas High School, to CNP Assistant Manager, Asbury Schools, effective 2019-20 SY.

• William Ballew, teacher, Brindlee Mountain High School, to Assistant Principal, Brindlee Mountain High School, effective July 1.

• Chris Chaffin, Career Coach, MTS-MCBOE, to MTS CTE Counselor, effective July 1.

• Amanda Garmany (Mandy), School Nurse, Brindlee Mountain Elementary School to Brindlee Mountain High School, same position, effective 2019-20 SY.

• Jennifer Morrison, Brindlee Mountain High School teacher to Douglas High School Instructional Assistant Principal, effective June 6.

• Jane Grimes, Douglas High School Assistant Principal to Alternative School Instructional Assistant Principal, effective June 6.

• Sharon Bonds/Bus Driver Jackie Whalen/Bus Driver Falisha Allen/Bus Driver Jason Smith/Summer Worker Savannah Young/Aide

• Daniel Mullinax/Summer Worker Kenneth Guntney/Summer Worker

4. Approved the following professional service agreements/bids:

• Susan Franklin, Contract for Homebound Services, for student at Asbury High School, effective retroactive to Feb. 6.

• Contract for Physical Therapy Services, Twin Acres Physical Therapy, for Therapy Services, effective 2019-20 SY.

• Bid 4: Milk, Juice, and Ice Cream Service for SY 2019-20: milk and juice awarded to Borden Dairy Company and ice cream service be awarded to Purity Dairies, LLC

• Bid 5: Bread Services for SY 2019-20 to Flowers Baking Company of Birmingham, LLC

• Bid 6: Produce Service for SY 2019-20 be awarded to Forestwood Farm, Inc.

• Bid 7: Smallwares for SY 2019-20 awarded to Hotel and Restaurant Supply

• Bid 8: Mobile Home Unit, awarded to Kevin Padgett

• Bid 9: Beverage Service for SY 2019-20 awarded to Coca Cola Bottling United, Inc.

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