A haven for students to pursue a career in massage therapy is almost ready to open in Boaz.

Higher Ground School of Therapeutic Massage is a post-secondary education school that offers an 8-month program for students interested in the therapy field. Bethany Johnson, academic director and one of the instructors, said the school would be unlike any other across Sand Mountain.

“Someone who is ready to enter the workforce sooner, or someone who is ready for a career change even, can achieve that in a short amount of time,” Johnson said. “That’s something we currently don’t have close by in our area. Massage therapy is a fast growing career field that offers more options as far as self-employment, setting one’s own schedule and growing in continuing education specialties and interests.”

Johnson has been a licensed therapist since 2008 and is a former program director of the therapeutic massage program at Virginia College in Huntsville. Under Johnson and the faculty’s guidance, “students will spend 100 allotted hours in the student clinic during the program. The clinic allows the students to practice and refine hands-on skills on the public while they study specific modalities of massage under instructor supervision,” according to the school’s website, highergroundboaz.com.

The building, located at 101 East Mann Ave. in Boaz, is currently being remodeled, but Johnson said the school plans to have an open house event in August. They are also accepting enrollment applications for the program.

For more information, log onto highergroundboaz.com or call 256-504-6607.

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