Elementary students with Marshall County Schools were recognized as “Super Citizens” on Thursday, Nov. 11, at a ceremony put on by the Liberty Learning Foundation.

Over 500 third and fifth graders from Asbury, Brindlee Mountain, DAR and Douglas Elementary schools gathered at Connect Church in Guntersville for a “graduation ceremony.” They were each given a certificate to commemorate their completion of the 10-week Super Citizen program, which is designed to teach students about American history, civics, financial literacy, character and career readiness.

Each participating class also nominated a Torch Team Hero — someone who they believe embodies the traits of a true citizen.

Asbury students nominated Albert Childress as their hero, Brindlee Mountain nominated Max Henry, DAR nominated Shawn Rice and three classes from Douglas Elementary nominated Misty Brothers, Heather Haney and Loretta Brackett.

A student from each class read an essay about why they chose their hero and presented the nominee with a miniature Statue of Liberty replica made from authentic materials from the actual statue, and a memento of the Alabama bicentennial.

“When you honor a hero, you become a hero,” host Ashley Woodson said.

Childress has worked for years to build up the Asbury community, including forming a community water board to bring in water in the 1970s, starting a volunteer fire department in 1979, helping build the Asbury Football Stadium and petitioning for township.

Brothers is a counselor at Douglas Elementary School. During her introduction, one student said, “One reason Mrs. Brothers is our hero is she is always nice and shows kindness to everyone she meets. She is very creative in motivating us to learn. She works long hours to make sure she can do her best for everyone that she serves throughout the day.”

Two students from Brackett’s class took turns reading their introduction for Haney, stating, “Mrs. Haney is our class hero because she is honorable, responsible and, most of all, because she is unique. She takes time out of her day for her students to ensure they are learning in a way that is engaging and creative. We love you, Mrs. Haney.”

Brackett is a fifth-grade science and history teacher at Douglas Elementary School. An anonymous parent of one of Brackett’s students nominated her, saying, “She has influenced, motivated, inspired, but, most importantly, loved so many [students] throughout our small community. She is selfless with her time and energy, she is humble and kind, courageous in speaking up for others, patient in her understanding and able to put herself in others’ shoes.”

Woodson, along with student volunteers, led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance and the Libby USA song.

The Super Citizen program was sponsored by Alabama Bicentennial, Alabama Department of Education, AlaTrade Foods, Alfa, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama, Job Source, Liberty Learning News, Marshall County Commission, Marshall County Community Alliance, Marshall County Gas District, Marshall County Legislative Office, Marshall-Dekalb Electric Cooperative, Orchid Orthopedic Solutions Inc., Progress Rail Inc., Regions Bank, Sand Mountain Toyota and ScreenTech.

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