Boaz police could receive nearly $50,000 in federal funding to upgrade its radio communications.

During its latest meeting held Monday, Dec. 2, the Boaz City Council approved the application and acceptance of a U.S. Department of Homeland Security grant to the Boaz Police Department totaling $49,900.32. Boaz Police Chief Josh Gaskin said the grant would fund new mobile and portable radios for his officers and vehicles.

“None of the administration or investigators had radios in their car,” Gaskin said. “We had portable radios but no mobiles. Our jail staff was having to share one radio. This will allow us to provide each jailer with a radio and have some extras on hand should we need them.”

In other business, the council allowed Harold Baugh, of Boaz, to speak under public comment before the meeting was adjourned. Baugh, who is a local preacher, voiced his opinion in regards to the potential ordinance that would allow alcohol sales on Sunday in Boaz.

“I would urge you, please do all we can to keep Sunday liquor sales out of our city,” he said. “I’ve always thought this was the best place to live. I came from Albertville, grew up and was raised there for 28 years, and then I’ve lived here for 50 years. I love this place. If you’ll look, normally Guntersville gets these things, then Albertville gets these things and we’re the last one. I sure would love to see us pass on this one … Here’s my thing: I know we say ‘well, we need this, we need that.’ We’re in a wicked place, in a wicked time, and I’m wondering when we’re following suit with all those other places, I’m wondering when somewhere down the line someone votes to legalize marijuana, where are we going to stand on that?”

Baugh is the fourth person to speak at a council meeting in opposition of the ordinance since its was struck from the council’s agenda during Nov. 12 and Nov. 25 meetings and failed to be officially introduced. The ordinance was not listed on the Dec. 2 meeting’s agenda. No one has spoken to the council under public comment in favor of the ordinance.

The council also approved a one-time pay raise of $200 for all full-time city employees with one year or more of service and $125 for all part-time, temporary, paid on-call firefighters and full-time employees with less than one year of service. The council approved the accounts payable voucher dated Nov. 27, totaling $83,984.99 as well.

Boaz Mayor David Dyar was unable to attend the meeting due to illness. According to Councilman Jeff Sims, Dyar had been battling the flu.

Under mayor’s comments, Sims — who is mayor pro tempore — announced the next council meeting would be Monday, Dec. 16, at the Boaz Senior Center.

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