During Tuesday’s Albertville City Schools Board of Education meeting, the name of Big Spring Lake Kindergarten’s (BSLK) was changed to Albertville Kindergarten and Pre-K.

Albertville Superintendent Boyd English, Ph.D., said the plan to change the name was to bring every school into the Albertville brand.

As Albertville schools travel and represent the city, English said it’s important that they represent the Albertville name as well.

“We’re lucky enough to have competitions all over the state,” English said. “At the competitions, we don’t want people guessing where our school is from. We want them to see the Albertville name and realize what a great school system we have.”

The board plans to honor and respect the history of BSLK and Evans Elementary, but English said he and the board felt a change was needed.

“Teachers and the community have really bought into the change,” English said. “Feedback from the Big Spring Lake campus has been good. And, they are very excited about the change.”

Evans Elementary School’s title was not changed during the meeting, but English said there has been discussions about changing the school’s name to Albertville Intermediate School on Evans campus.

English said people could expect to see the changes to Evans’ name before the 2020-2021 school year.

In other business, the board approved the following items:

• Laura Stephenson, resigned as kindergarten teacher at BSLK, effective June 30.

• Glen Fox, resigned as biology teacher at AHS, effective July 10.

• Pamela Smith, resigned as CNP worker at APS/AES, effective July 15.

• Torre Aaron, transferred from AMS softball assistant to AMS head softball coach, effective Aug. 1.

• Approved a bid of $103,900 from Apple Signs for a fine arts sign at AHS.

• Approved a bid of $52,009 from Media Visions for equipment upgrades for the fine arts center.

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