January is Board Appreciation Month and Albertville Board of Education members got a surprise from teachers and students at Albertville Elementary School.

The teachers and students brought gifts they made to show the board they were thankful for the support given to Albertville City Schools. Some of the gifts included handmade cards, a painting made from the fingerprints of children in the class and a plaque with a poem students wrote.

After the presentation, Albertville City Schools Director of Teaching and Learning Kristi Pair gave the board a brief summary of the school systems annual report card from the Alabama State Department of Education.

Overall, the school system was given a “B” on the report. The final score was an 82, up four points from last year. Pair said one area that needed to be addressed was the new criteria of English language learner proficiency, which the school system scored 15.3 points. Pair said they had evaluated report card scores from districts of similar size and demographics. She said a delegation from Albertville City Schools would visit other districts to assess how they were addressing English language learner proficiency.

The Board approved the following personnel actions:

Leave of Absences

  • Jamie Bryant, teacher at Big Spring Lake Kindergarten, requested a maternity leave, effective April 8 through May 28.
  • Anna Olvera, receptionist at the central office, requested a maternity leave, effective March 1, through June 3.
  • Lauren Blaker, teacher at Big Spring Lake Kindergarten, requested a maternity leave in accordance with Family Medical Leave Act, effective March 4 through May 28.
  • Karen Cortes, custodian at Albertville High school, requests a leave due to an on the job injury, effective Dec. 3, 2018, through Jan. 14.
  • James Strange, custodian system-wide, requested a medical leave, effective Jan. 8 through March 4.
  • Wayne Edmonson, bus driver, requested a medical leave, effective Jan. 7 through Feb. 28.
  • Sherry Martin, bus driver, requested an extension to her current medical leave through Feb. 25. For this extension the days from Jan. 1 through Feb. 8, will expire her FMLA benefit and the dates Feb. 9-25 will be counted medical leave (LOA).
  • Marsha Mason, teacher at Albertville Elementary School, requested a medical leave to care for spouse in accordance with FMLA, effective Jan. 7-25.


  • Jerry Hyde, resigned as bus driver, effective Jan. 3.
  • Sujata Norman, resigned as special education teacher at Albertville High School, effective Jan. 9.


  • Jimmy Bearden, transferred from utility bus driver to regular route driver, effective Jan. 7.
  • Employments
  • John Stanfield, utility bus driver, effective January 16, 2019.
  • Ellie Greer, Extended Day aide at Albertville Childhood Learning Center, effective Jan. 16.

Supplement Assignment

  • Anastasia Beasley, assistant track coach at Albertville High School, effective Jan. 16.


  • Matthew West, to assist with Albertville High school spring sports supervision for 10 days at $120 per day not to exceed $1,200, effective Feb. 1 through May 10.

In other business:

  • the board approved an independent contract for Karen Fancher, accompanist for Sweets and Songs at Albertville Middle School, Jan. 17-20 to be paid $200 by the Albertville Middle School choir
  • the board approved a recommendation to amend the Procedures & Applications for Use of Facilities policy to read “Non-Profit groups are limited to (1) one rental request per semester. Request for summer usage must be made during the Second Semester.” The previous policy allowed one request per year per school site.
  • the board approved the periodical use of a school bus by the Migrant Education Program for our “out of school migrant youth” to attend various civic and cultural field trips. The field trips will be scheduled around the normal system activities and all expenses associated with the use of the bus will be paid from migrant education funds.

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