Many loyal customers were devastated when they learned Asia Garden in Albertville was closing its doors last November. However, all was not lost as the Chinese restaurant later announced it found a new home and would be reopening at a new location. Now, after having been back in operation for just two weeks, business is already booming.

Even though the restaurant is currently serving only take out at the moment, Asian Garden said it has been “really busy” since it reopened, and it’s seen a lot of happy customers who didn’t mind enduring the sometimes more than two-hour wait for some of their favorite food.

 Asia Garden is now located on U.S. Highway 431 at the Beck Plaza next to Shepherd’s Cove Thrift Store. The restaurant moved into its new, 5,300 square-foot location early in the year and had planned its grand reopening to be in March. However, the new owners, The Zhang family, was forced to rethink their strategy once the COVID-19 pandemic made it into the area. They said they hope to start serving dine in customers as soon as possible, though they don’t know yet when that might be. The restaurant has been allowing only three people inside at time to pick up orders.

When Asian Garden left its original location on 210 Alabama Highway 75, former owners John and Chu Cox told The Reporter even though they were retiring, they still wanted to stay a part of the community. So, when they passed the reins onto the new owners, they also passed on all the traditional recipes. The Coxes also said they would help get the business back up and moving in its new location.

“It’ll be the same Asia Garden,” Chu Cox said upon retiring. “Probably, price not changing. I want to honor the customer … this area people deserve that.”

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