Boaz City Council members will seek an opinion from the State Attorney General regarding a road residents want to see fixed. 

Families living along James Street say the city has maintained about 350 feet of the road. Another 350 feet has neither been paved nor maintained by the city at any time.

City Attorney Greg Price told councilmen Monday night he could find no record of where the city had accepted the road as a city road. Until just before Monday’s 5 p.m. work session, he said he thought the county was responsible for the road. 

Instead, he learned the road is listed on the city’s road database and has been maintained at least in part by city workers. Some city services, such as the brush truck, have also worked on the road, according to resident Christy Farmer.

“We pay city taxes,” she said. “The potholes out there are ferocious! Something needs to be done.”

While councilmen and Mayor David Dyar agree they want to do what is right for the residents along the road, they don’t want to set an unnecessary precedent. 

“I think we all agree we want to do something , we just want to make sure if we do something, we do it right,” Dyar said. 

“I think it would be in best interest of the city to get an AG opinion. That way if it comes back and we can do it we can do it right. Once we get this opinion and get a green light, I believe we are in agreement that will be fixed.”

Also during the work session, council members heard an update from Forsyth Construction officials regarding the construction of the city’s new recreation center. 

The 46,000 square foot center will feature two gyms, an indoor eight-lane pool, outdoor “resort style” pool, raised indoor walking track and meeting spaces. Estimated cost is $12.75 million.

Harold Forsythe said the project was progressing, and the project’s costs are thus far under budget. 

“We had a contingency in place for site work and we are about $320,000 to the good there,” he said. “We have another $140,000 in construction contingency that’s to the good. There are a few change orders out there, but they don’t total $25,000 I believe.”

Todd Cheatwood, also of Forsythe Construction, said work to roof the natatorium, or indoor pool area, should be complete within two weeks. By the end of July, work will begin on digging the outdoor pool, he said. 

“About a quarter of the overall construction is done right now,” Cheatwood said. “There have been a lot of adverse weather days so far and that has pushed back the completion date of January 2021. But I can tell you supervisors are doing all they can to get work done.”

Council members adopted a resolution to purchase a 2020 Chevrolet Tahoe equipped with an administrator’s package for the police department. The new Tahoe will replace on totaled earlier this year by an officer responding to tornado damage on April 12. The officer hydroplaned and the truck was later deemed a total loss. 

Police Chief Josh Gaskin said currently police package Tahoes are in short supply. The SUV he is currently driving will be moved to the patrol pool and he will drive the new SUV which is not equipped with the traditional police pursuit package. 

Specialty equipment and lights salvaged from the totaled SUV will be installed on Gaskin’s SUV and the city will not have to pay for new items, saving up to $15,000 he said. 

“We had planned for this if it ever came to this, and sure enough, we need to make the changes,” he said. 

The city will pay about $3,000 above what the insurance company paid for the vehicle. A new Tahoe will be purchased from Donohoo Chevrolet for $32,295.

In other business:

• Councilmen learned the city will hold elections on Aug. 25 for council members and mayor. Qualifying will begin on July 7 at 7 a.m. and end July 21 at 5 p.m. Any qualified elector who has resided within the city limits for at least 90 days may qualify to run for office by filing the appropriate paperwork with the City Clerk/Treasurer and pay appropriate fees. 

• City officials also announced all city offices aside from public safety services will be closed July 3 in observance of the July 4 holiday.

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