McRae Funeral Home is proud to announce that Timothy H. McRae has achieved designation as a Certified Funeral Service Practitioner. Many professions grant special recognition to members upon completion of a series of academic and service requirements that eclipse those of state or national licensing boards. This level of achievement is often recognized using initials after one’s name to signify this level of achievement.

Today, we are honored to present to you a member of the funeral service profession who has obtained the designation of Certified Funeral Service Practitioner (CFSP). Timothy H. McRae, CFSP has willingly amassed 180 hours of continuing education requirements. Even in instances where states may not have formal continuing education requirements, funeral professionals across the country participate voluntarily. The fact that they have joined the Academy and worked toward this goal of certification shows that they believe in continuing education, but more importantly, the goals of the Academy.

Timothy H. McRae, CFSP stands before you today having completed all the requirements for certification by the Academy of Professional Funeral Service Practice. The use of CFSP is now authorized and this pin serves as a tangible symbol of this significant and outstanding accomplishment. Congratulations and welcome to the elite group who have earned the CFSP designation.

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