Jean Ann Moon officially retired from the Marshall County Retired and Senior Volunteer Program Wednesday. 

Volunteers, friends and family filed through a drive-through party in keeping with social distancing for the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“I’m looking forward to retirement,” Moon said. “I didn’t think I would but now I really am.”

Moon said she and her husband, Calvin, plan to spend her retirement traveling in their camper trailer and researching family genealogy. 

“It is something we really enjoy doing,” she said. “We visit all the courthouses and cemeteries. Now we have the time to do that and go wherever we need to.”

Nicole Reyes will take over the job as RSVP director. 

Moon, executive director since 1992, said she’s most proud of the fact she’s been able to spearhead the process of building a new RSVP home.

“We were blessed to find this piece of property located along the shores of Lake Guntersville. We asked the gentlemen listing the property if we could get a discount on it since we are a non-profit entity. They gave us a great price and we had money on hand to be able to purchase it,” she said.

Calvin Moon said the building boasts views along two walls outfitted with floor to ceiling glass to enjoy the views, a 6,400 square-foot “big room” with a stage and podium and seating capability for 500, eight class rooms and a commercial kitchen.

“There are several wedding venues and the like in the area, but nothing along the lines of this,” Calvin said.

RSVP was forced to close in March due to the pandemic. There are no plans on the horizon as to when RSVP may be able to reopen to volunteers. 

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