Rep. Wes Kitchens, R-Arab, recently announced more than $7 million in new funding would be made available for school security enhancements, technology upgrades and other needs for schools in Blount, Marshall and DeKalb counties.

The new funding, which is based on total student populations, will be divided with $1,469,836 to Marshall County Schools, $2,090,968 to Blount County Schools, $2,340,700 to DeKalb County Schools, $670,025 to Arab City Schools and $508,201 to the Schools of Guntersville.

“Among the most important responsibilities of legislators is ensuring the public safety and protecting our children from harm ranks even higher on our list of priorities,” Kitchens stated. “The $7 million in additional state funding being awarded to systems within my legislative district will help implement security upgrades and protocols that keep our children safe while in school and provide the technology necessary to prepare them for well-paying, long-lasting jobs in the 21st Century workforce.

“These funds from the Alabama Advancement and Technology Fund may be used to purchase school security equipment and enhancements, education technology and equipment, complete needed repairs and maintenance, and upgrade school bus fleets.

“Even before this funding was secured, the Education Trust Fund budget we passed earlier this year provided an increase in new teachers being hired, new dollars flowing directly into the classroom and a salary raise for our teachers.”

Schools within Kitchens’ legislative district that will receive a portion of the funding include all Arab and Guntersville city schools, Brindlee Mountain schools, Asbury schools, Kate Duncan Smith DAR School, J.B. Pennington High School, Geraldine schools and Fyffe schools.

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